Resolutions: An In-Depth Look into 15 of the BEST ‘Clean’ Weight Loss Foods

source of capsaicin and help fight food cravings and can be found in chili powders and cayenne pepper.


  1. Kale – let’s face it, unless broiled with, or like, a pot of turnip greens and served on a dinner plate, kale doesn’t taste all that good raw—unless it’s dried. I can tell you about a dried kale tip that will replace your craving for potato chips and serve that crunching sensation that you’ve grown to love from biting potato chips. It’s called Brad’s Kale Chips…and they come in various flavors nacho, spicy/ “nasty hot”, sesame “vampire killer” and plain. (I’m not going to tell you which ones I fancy because I hate when I head over to my spot and they are clean out of my fav flavor). That said: find your own love blissfully. Kale delivers a tremendous amount of iron, fiber and supports weight loss.


  1. Kidney beans – high in protein and fiber and typically cooked with chili or in rice. But (see #8) kidney beans cooked with chili power and/or cayenne pepper can double your benefit


  1. Steel cut oats – this is where grabbing that quick pack of Apple Cinnamon Quaker oatmeal and feeling like you’re eating “good” fast food (because McDonalds is selling oatmeal all day], is a great substitute. While it is a good substitute (over fries), there’s a stark raving difference between those additive-laden packets of convenient; quick oatmeal (over traditional cook it yourself) boxes and packaged, plain oatmeal (that too, you can dress up yourself with green apples, honey or other healthier alternatives that you control). Oatmeal provides slow-release carbs that help us feel full. And studies show that when we eat it for breakfast, we’re significantly less hungry than after eating cold cereals. Substance. Sustenance.


  1. Quinoa – protein and fiber rich protein food (I’m not this food-fancy yet so, I can tell you nothing about Quinoa as yet-other than its researched benefit).


  1. Wild caught (over “farm raised” ) salmon. This is that other area where there is a stark raving difference, too. Running to the grocer’s and buying those bags of pre cut salmon squares, nicely and convenient packaged won’t cut it. That is totally NOT wild-caught salmon and instead, filled with so many manmade harmful additives stuffed in it (for preservation) and to maintain freshness in order to be sold to you, that you’re basically eating a near artificial cut of salmon whose nutrients have been killed and substituted with artificial coloring and antibiotics you don’t want in your body. Even if you buy canned salmon, like fresh, always ask (or look for “wild caught”). If it doesn’t say wild caught, just know it is farm raised. Period.


  1. Spinach – spinach, in all its green glory has always fled under the radar as being one to the top sources of iron-rich vegetables/foods when in fact, it is not. However, it has more nurtuonal value than lettuce and a great substitute for you salad’s foundation (over lettuce-which has NO nutritional value whatsoever). Researchers say compounds of spinach may reduce hunger cravings for unhealthy foods and (therefore) aids in weight loss.


  1. Water – It is what it is: filling and makes us feel full without filling up our waistlines. Often (thought of as) “boring” unless we a mad-thirsty, but by that time, we are basically dehydrated, actually. One we think of water as necessary ‘oil’ for our parts we can’t see, we have a better appreciation for it.

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