Resolutions: An In-Depth Look into 15 of the BEST ‘Clean’ Weight Loss Foods

SkinnyMs weight loess foods graphicWith a few exceptions, SkinnyMs says the best weight loss foods aren’t found in a package and instead, are food in the perimeters of the grocery store (rather than the center, side and sayonnara aisles as you’re checking out to leave, guys).

And too, here’s another tip: The louder the advertising on the package screams (e.g.: Fat free! 10,000 Sources of Calcium! 30,000g of Protein! Sugar Free! etc), the worse it typically is for you.

The best thing to remember when considering foods beneficial to weight loss or healthy/clean eating is [that] the foods that rot the quickest and not packaged and built to hold hefty marketing and advertising on it are the best for you.

That being the case, you’ll find that grocery shopping is something you’ll be doing more than “once or a month.”

Tip #2 throw away all those big, pretty pieces of porcelain or put up, up, and away, those pretty pieces of large, circular fine China and substitute putting food like these alone, with, or on other healthy foods on a saucer instead (so as to force you into eating smaller portions).


  1. Apples (green apples) quick tip: Good source of pectin and soluble fiber that controls hunger and send signals to the brain that you are full.


  1. Avocado high in the good fat (monounsaturated) and tells the brain you are full, and too, is packed with a great source of protein and fiber. (As an obsessed avocado lover who loves ‘em even more now that they aren’t as expensive as they once were) and who too, at one time would walk right past them at the market and pick up Chipotle’s consistent guacamole, I eventually decided to make my own and most often; cut ‘em right open, knock that nut out and spoon into the deliciousness. In order to do that however,, you have to learn to be an expert avocado picker:

             The lighter the green-the riper (it can sit out for a few days to await turning brown and ready to cut and eat)

             The darker the green (still green but turning a little brown) if firm, it’s perfect and ready to cut open and eat (or prepare for the day’s guac).

             The darker the green (turning brown, hardly no green), if mushy feeling…it’s definitely too old but can be used in the days guac mixture (to add color to the bright green color in the guac mixture).


  1. Blueberries low in calories and sugar and fiber rich. Blueberries (alone-to me-are boring). I like mine with sugar-free Cool Whip (and raspberries & blackberries).


  1. Broccoli –loads of fiber and high water content, therefore, helps you fell full longer (i typically like my with either a little bit of lemon-pepper or fresh, squeezed lemon over them)


  1. Cauliflower – non starchy vegetable that like broccoli, is fiber rich and helps you feel full longer. (I’m not a major cauliflower fan unless it’s in a broccoli/cauliflower salad made with Hellman’s, fakin’ bacon, eggs, poppy seeds, scallions/onions)


  1. Eggs (and not just egg whites either) right before the highly marketed egg white fad craze, at one time, eggs to get a bad name for being a cholesterol causing food but in fact egg yolks contain 100% of fat soluble vitamins A, D. E and K, all carotenoids, lutein and xeaxanthin. As well, they contain 90% of calcium, iron, phosphorous, zinc, thiamin, folate, vitamin B6 and B12 and too, a low calories source of high protein


  1. Greek yogurt – if you, like me, are skeptical about these newly advertised foods (that were no were no where to be found or heard of ten years ago), then Greek yogurt tops that list. Well, the culture in “Greek” yogurt over traditional milk fat yogurts, is full of iodine which aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism


  1. Hot Peppers – like jalapenos, rev up the metabolism and if you’re like me, I’m a pickled, hot (rather than sweet) jalapeno lover. Hot peppers however, (which typically are cut up and served with food rather than something we typically bite into like a pickle-like I do), are a great

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