NetFlix & Kill: Fans of Making A Murderer Documentary Push for POTUS To Pardon Subject Steven Avery – POTUS Busy w/Less Fan-Fare & Pressing Issues Like GUN CONTROL

making of a murder pardon

Sh/t got real out here in these Internet streets when word made its way ‘round that the POTUS’ pen has been pardoning mofos from pen pods while on his way out the door this last term of his.

If you remember, we just told yous about the 95 people just recently pardoned by the pres (along with the several others awaiting their answer) after these first time offenders served time for drug crimes were given excessive punishment and sentences that far outweighed the crimes they committed.2b2a141f07191e69aa73efe828dc8289

Well being the countries highest commanding officer, pardoning someone from a prison sentence isn’t just exclusive to drug crimes, many pardons are at the president’s discretion (after and having met certain criteria).

That being the case, fans of the widely popular Netflix ten-part mini series Making of a Murderer, released last month; want the show’s subject Steven Avery pardoned and have launched Internet campaigns at and to beg that the pardoning of the POTUS’ pen lend itself to Avery. Along with his 16 year-old nephew Brendan Dassey, in 2007, the subject was made responsible for the murder of Teresa Halbach and sentenced to life [in prison].

Avery’s supporters  believe that the evidence stacked against him was the orchestrated handiwork of law enforcement officers set out to imprison him as a result of an

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