Rappers DEJ LOAF & B.O.B Put On Blast For Faking New Relationships To Hide and Bury Their Pasts


Pink sang it best in “Don’t Let Me Get Me”: L.A told me. You’ll be a pop star. All you have to change. Is everything you are.


…And well, if breakthrough rapper (slash) [rap] star Dej Loaf’s alleged girlfriend (Angeleah / Aye Redd) has it, Dej Loaf is indeed in the pink—and changing everything she is by being out here fronting that she’s got herself a new boyfriend in Chicago rapper Lil’ Durk (who as well), got put on blast by his girlfriend for trying to be an active participant in the front and stunt.


Instagram stays getting people called to the carpet for fronting. Just last week, rapper B.O.B was wearing his name in the biggest way: Battery Operated Boyfriend. Whereby, after ripples of rumors had it that he and singer Sevyn Streeter had broken up, he thought it’d be good to post a pic of himself pixel pimpin’-with himself in the foreground, and [his ‘new’] lady friend in the background (so as to be suggestive and let you guys play with that as you wished).

Mystery Girl and BoB

Well, what could have been a long story made short however, was cut off at the needs knees when the “new” mystery girl’s BFF put it on blast that B.O.B staged the entire scene which in turn, was supposed to shed some bling on the mystery girl’s jewelry line she was trying to promote. (We’re guessing B.O.B’s benefit in this was to show Sevyn how quickly he moved on and got himself a new girl).Mystery Girls BFF BoB

Well although (despite her subtle tomboyish demeanor) Dej Loaf came in denying rumors that she was a lesbian (and continues to deny it), B.O.B came clean with his fronting–stating that now that the ghost is given up, the girl still “owes” him some s.e.x.

Wow. Whodathunkit?B.o.b

B.oB’s handsome still life pics take on a life all their own-and certainly didn’t ooze “lame” through the pixels. This stunt (despite his somewhat admitting it—in so many words), took mad cool points from him and made him look like a first class lame to many but hey.



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