‘JAY Z’ Kinda On Trial For Murder & “Big Pimpin”

Jay Z big pimpin


Look. It’s one of my favorite Jay Z Holy Carter Magna Grail too (2:39-3:14):


Bulletproof glass, glass roof like the Pope
Bulletproof love, ni%%as down since the yolk
Bitch asked if I was God, fuck I’m supposed to say no?
You already seen me turn a man to a G.O.A.T
You already know what I could do with the coke
Dropped it in the water, made it disappear
I made it reappear, I had that bitch on a rope
I make my roof get ghost, bottom grill, I make my tooth get gold
All the shit I did, I wasn’t supposed to live, Hallelujah Hov

Wasn’t for the Caine wouldn’t be Able
Wasn’t for the bread, probably be dead
Best friends become ya enemies, ni%%as ‘ knives are double-edged

Jay Z cigar

…but that don’t mean he’s a spell on me such that I would whack my wheelchair-bound landlord to death then claim it was Jay Z’s affiliation, album symbolism and alleged association to an Illuminati that made me do it.

That’s precisely what’s going on right now in “paradise” where a 39, year-old Hawaiian man by the name of Jason Russell Jump claims that Jay has been a “constant figure” in his life.

Duly note that Jump is currently being examined by psychiatrists and psychologists to determine if he is fit to stand trial for the second-degree murder of his 54 year old landlord James V. Johns on December 16, 2012.

Jason Russell JumpJump allegedly struck Johns with a sharp instrument while in Johns’ toolshed.

The argument (as per one of his two professionals examining him) is that Dr. Wagner was somehow convinced that in considering Jay Z’s music videos and “secret society” album art since around 2009 or so, [quote] “authorities should put Jay Z in prison for the murder of James V. Johns and put other Illuminati who’ve been attacking Jason Russell Jump in prison to,” [end quote].

To that end, Wagner asserts that Jump is not fit to stand trial-citing he suffers from persecutory delusional disorder.

“I think the consistency of psychotic symptoms and especially something that’s delusional in nature, it’s hard to maintain the nature, and, let’s say, the exactness of the content,” explained Wagner.

“People that are malingering are going to make mistakes as far as accuracy. They’re not going to be consistent over years in remembering exactly what to say, to say it in a similar or the same manner and … do this in a free-floating manner. He was consistent in that sense.”

The Hawaii Tribute noted:

Dr Lichton Hawaii Jayz trial JumpPsychologist Dr. Alex Lichton, the state’s designated examiner, acknowledged under questioning by Oshiro (Jump’s court-appointed attorney) that he also was aware of claims Jay Z took over Jump’s body.

Dr Wagner Jump trial Jay z HawaiiLichton said that in video supplied to him and the other examiners by Oshiro, which was shot before the homicide, Jump “addressed himself or described himself as the ‘Son of Man’” — a sobriquet usually reserved for Jesus Christ. He said Jump also complained of pain in his stomach allegedly caused by possession by others and continually referred to “Illuminati.”

Lichton diagnosed Jump with schizophrenia but believes he is fit to stand trial. A third examiner, Dr. Leonard Jacobs, said he spoke with Jump for 10 minutes. Jacobs said Jump was intoxicated and was “uncooperative” during their brief talk.

He thinks Jump is fit for trial.


Jay on trial big pimpin

Meanwhile on the other side of the water, Jay Z’s fighting other levels of devils and bigger pimps.

The rap God and super producer Timbaland are on trial in an almost Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke kind.

The difference being however: via Pharrell’s producing prowess, for their popular smash “Blurred Lines” they were made liable because of the song’s production (done by Pharrell) was eerily similar to that of the late Marvin Gaye’s “Got to Give it Up.” Timbaland Big Pimpin trialAs a result of that finding, Williams and Thicke were made liable to pay for copyright infringement.

Jay Z and Timbaland however, are accused to sampling and Egyptian songwriter’s music and are being sued by his nephew Osama Ahmed Fahmy, claiming Jay Z and Timbaland never paid for the rights to sample Baligh Hamdi’s track for the 1999 huge rap hit [Big Pimpin’].

From around the :40-1:18 marker of our friends [from BBC Newsbeat]’s report on it, you can hear Jay Z’s Big Pimpin and too, Hamdi’s version.


Word across the water (U.K) is that ever since the Blurred Lines trial, the music industry is on edge with people not only with their ears to the street but too, to the speakers-checking to see who’s jacked ‘em for beats (no matter how long ago the song).

That said, Jay Z is not the only next up to bat since Blurred Lines (and for the record, he’s not fighting it and has admitted using the sample).

The discrepancy here is whether or not producer Timbaland can prove he had the appropriate rights to use the sample for the chorus of Big Pimpin. Lawyers for both Timbaland and Jay Z argue they used the sample not knowing it was owned by EMI Music Arabia however, paid $100,000 (£65,000) but argue that the nephew (slash) plaintiff (Osama Ahmen Fahmy)’s lawsuit is an “effort to get an undeserved income.”

Fahmy says the $100,000 (£65,000) is “insignificant” and (rather than the songwriter-Baligh Hamdi] it is his heirs that own the right to approve use of his work.

Fahmy told the 8 person jury that Jay Z and Timbaland purposefully neglected to ask for permission to use the track and that was because Jay Z feared his lyrics to the song would yield a return of “no” so instead, he used it anyway.

For the record, the lyrics [to Big Pimpin] will not be cross examined or used in the trial.

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