On Faith, Forgiveness, Grace

On Faith:  What do I believe ‘faith’ is:

I believe that faith is a matter of not trying to control the outcome, worry about the end to the means, and simply moving on a thought—whether it be spontaneous or meticulous. The end to the means of faith is to accept the start and the journey–and from there; come what pray or may. Simple as that.

On Forgiveness: What I believe ‘forgiveness’ is:

I believe that forgiveness is complex-simple.

It’s complex because it’s deeper than the superficiality of merely fixing words together saying [that] ‘to forgive one is to release oneself’ …from what?

To understand that (wholeheartedly) is to know the difference between a grudge and begrudging.

If one holds a grudge against someone, that means no-they don’t forgive that someone to the extent that they want them around or in their life, however-one can forgive someone from afar (in that case).

When one releases a grudge at a distance and forgives from afar, that means they don’t begrudge them of some thing or things in life going forward, therefore-wish them well. So in that regard, it’s forgiveness nonetheless (because forgiveness is a matter of not begrudging someone of something).

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You do have a right to begrudge someone of you-not of someone else or some thing.

You however, haven’t forgiven if you begrudge [someone of having, obtaining, or being some thing or things] any more than you haven’t truly forgiven someone for something but claim to “not forget it.” That’s an oxymoron.

If it’s not forgotten, then it’s not forgiven. So if it’s forgiven and “not forgotten,” then simply forgive at a distance.

The best form of forgiveness is the acceptance of it that you never had to grant…because the thought to act on what [eventually] was going to need [to be] forgiven was controlled by the one who almost did the unforgivable. That is the person to be trusted and forgiven whole + full-heartedly as, they stopped themselves in the act before the action made its way to you (whether you knew it or not).

On Grace: What I believe ‘grace’ is:

claire huxtable

I believe the act of grace is a visual like that of a ‘Claire Huxtable’ face: Deep breath. Nostrils widened. Head tilted a bit….but redeeming the option to digress and not say a word. Grace is that very act of saying or doing ‘nothing’ behind something (said or done). You don’t always have to attend every bait or battle.

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