{AngFrankPodcast Show}: Dating Tips For The Female Entrepreneur: To Struggle, Stray Or Stay Away?

The inspiration behind this podcast came from a female entrepreneur stating she made the decision to reject the “struggle” in ‘relationshipping.’

As per her, she would much rather skip that pick of the litter and select her mate when she’s reached greatness and take it from there.

I pretty much agreed with that but, in detail, I explain why, in this podcast.

In it, I talk about a little known dating secret that many women (entrepreneur or not) don’t know but must adhere to: Never date and lay with a man living a stank life who (at bare minimum) is not working towards being the best man he could be in this life-because he will hold you in contempt for aiding and abetting him for living comfortably ‘stank.’ When he betters himself and is out of that cocoon, he won’t respect you and will resent you-it never fails.

As a woman, you should want to place yourself in the best place possible in his life (instrumental to his growth as a man/getting his slice of life) or stay the hell away.

Likewise, why women entrepreneurs in the dating game need to adopt that same philosophy and stance.

Other references I talk about in this podcast are from my unpublished book: Feel Like A Lady, Deal Like A Man. Tap here and here and here  for extensive excerpts. Read the Table of Contents + the book’s Introduction as well.

Listen to the actual podcast: