Dating Naked: Dear”Size-Queens”: Do You Get Your Answer Beforehand (In Hand) Or While He’s In? + How To Determine If He’s Truly in a Relationship With You, Too

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A little while ago, a discussion was being had about the VH1 show called “Dating Naked.” Simply put: A show where two people go out on a date-naked.

The goal of the experience is to get past the mystery of disrobing the other person and to alleviate all the stuff that comes with leading up to that moment. And the idea is for you two to disrobe first (perhaps)-to get the mystery out of the

Now that-that part is no longer a mystery, you can jump the gun-right into solid conversation and other necessary things without being preoccupied with that part of the mystery [of seeing your date naked].

Although that’s the safest-sex route (without having had sex), that only removes half the mystery (a benefit for women who are “size queens”).

But for men who (are “queenly”) this disrobing (for them) basically serves them in that they merely got to see the woman naked.

It’s like what I mentioned in the Introduction (of an excerpt of my unpublished book): A woman may be able to fake an orgasm but a man can survive (faking) a relationship for years.

Regarding those two “same differences” of the sexes, whereas a woman can get her “size queen” curiosity satisfied (having disrobed and dated the man and from there-liking what she see and making a decision, based on that-to go further); a man’s process to “go further” with a woman far outweighs disrobing her (believe it or not).

Men (secretly) have stricter rules for what they will and not settle for, and down with when it comes to a woman, whereas women will settle at the point of a nice man merely treating her nice. Whatever her “list” (physically, financially etc), if he is nice to her and can impress her with some basics, many woman can end up in a full on relationship with a man and that very man may lack 10

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