{AngFrankPodcast Show}: When Hate Feels Stronger Than Love, How We Can Consciously Put That in Reverse?

No matter how positive or kind we are, or set out to be and view life, people, and things in life, often times more often than we’d prefer; we meet perils along the way that can reset all that we set out to feel, and be.

What’s your thought process about how to deal with that and what do you think about “love” (generally speaking)?

In this podcast, I play a sound bite of Oprah’s definition of love (being “the cure, the teacher and the lesson”) vs. the late rapper Tupac’s ascertaining love to be something that is second fiddle to hate as, “hate is stronger than love.”

Well, instinct is to animals what intuition is to human beings-and just like we are all given dominion over animals with the ability to be civil and run a society over a [kill or be killed] kingdom, there are ways we can use our power and dominion over playing into our like ability to behave ‘like an animal’ in response to those perils—or our own perpetuation.

For some suggestions, and ways, tap in: