MADONNA Vogues and Twerks In Closed Quarters During Carpool Car Karaoke with JAMES CORDEN

The last time we saw Madonna in a carpool karaoke situation was in the early 2000s  with Austin Powers while singing “Beautiful Stranger” (one of my favorite Madonna songs-it even got inked in one of my books I wrote pp.185).

Propped up in the passenger seat with her butt poked out-twerking on Austin Powers’ shoulder while he drove, who could forget a move like only someone like Madonna would do. I will FOREVER be tickled by this part. It TOTALLY makes me giggle (3:04-3:12) . Madonna is a mess-and always has been:



This moment in time (this time around), the Vogue performer took her sexy and singing to the passenger side seat of comedian James Corden.

Singing to her (2015) hot tune: “B|tch I’m Madonna,” THIS time around, (3:44-3:55) the Material Girl climbed up on the seat onto her knees to show us just how Teflon she really was—twerked for us. It was pretty impressive. Even James Corden liked it-claiming it was the first in-car twerk he had ever seen.

The Rebel Heart singer goes on to tell James Corden how she lives a rebellious creative that’s pretty poppin’ life yet, her personal life is really quite Mary Poppins-like.

The pair continue on the excursion while singing one of my other Madonna faves “Papa Don’t Preach” followed by a conversation about their love for musical theatre where Corden had to even the remind the multi-talented singer-actress of her theatre role as Evita. The pair sang the theme song from the movie Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.

From there, they continued to express themselves while singing her hit “Express Yourself.” Madonna then answers Corden’s question about what type of man she has to have [to tickle the sometimes English accent singer’s] fancy.

Given her whirlwind of relationships,

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