Peek A Boo. You Can Be Found, Boo

Oh that dreadful, tired, duck-lip selfie…don’t we just love’em?


But did you know that (if you post pics online) where you dine, get educated, work, party, play, and SLEEP can be found with just the click of a button with some cheap software?

Well, some new technology is available that pulls the exact location from where all your handy-dandy selfies were taken (and ya know if put in the wrong hands, that can be not so good)…

The technology allows you to cherrypick from any pic of your choosing; pictures from: Photobucket, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc., and it downloads the recorded information down to the very location where that picture was taken [IF…………….. you are one of those persons walking around with your “Use GPS Satellies” boxed checked on your cell phone settings].

Might wanna check up on that and go get re-cute, re-selfie’d, and re-download your pics if that be you.


Author: OSFMagWriter

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