YOUNG JEEZY Arrested Again. He Aint No Snitch.

95749-original  We’re only 21 days into the New Year and thus far something in the snow this year just does not want to let “The Snow Man”-rapper Jay Wayne Jenkins a.k.a: Young Jeezy-be great.

  For the second time this month, the Jeezy has been arrested, this time for obstructing official police business. The “Act Right” hip-hop star was arrested in Alpharetta, Georgia after police responded to an emergency call from his girlfriend’s home.

0104-jeezy-mug-shot-tmz-3  It was reported to TMZ that upon the official’s arrival, the rapper refused to snitch—on himself (by not giving up his name). As a result of that (nothing domestic reported), Jeezy was arrested and booked at Fulton County Jail.

This news comes on the heels of the recent ordeal from earlier this month in which Young Jeezy turned himself in and was booked [on charges of battery, false imprisonment, and “making terrorist threats”] stemming from an altercation that had occurred between he and his teenage son back in 2012.

95748-original Additionally, Jeezy is also facing a copyright infringement lawsuit by soul singer Leroy Hutson over samples used in his song: “Time.”

SIDENOTE: We at Other Side of the Fame blog stories for your entertainment however, where information should be passed along, we will.

Just like in the other blog about Jeezy’s ordeal, I clarified (in Layman’s terms) what “battery,” “false imprisonment,” and “making terrorist threats” meant. So let’s simplify what “copyright infringement lawsuit” typically means in the world of rap: The permission to sample the song did not come back in time enough to meet the deadline when a particular song was scheduled to drop. Typically after that happens, it becomes a little game of “catch me if you can,” where once the original owner of the sampled song catches [their song being sampled]; they sue and get compensated and/or properly credited.

 th-53  So don’t worry Yeezy fans, “The Snow Man” will soon be making angels and putting all this behind him really soon, and like his lawyer says: [the matter] will resolve itself appropriately 🙂                                                          

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