WENDY WILLIAMS WEEPS: Wishes Son Kevin Jr. Was A Fan of Hers Like ROCCO is to MADONNA

            wendywilliams_150  Known for her bubbly, fun, yet: in-your-face, no-holds-barred and unapologetically honest way; talk show host Wendy Williams,48…

 th (2) …showed us a side of herself this New Year already that sent tongues a-wagging and mouths a-dropping when she posted a pic of herself in an itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini while on vacation. 

th (1)  The charming, excited, lover of gossip is ever rarely caught without a smile or never caught laughing, or expressing her trademark: “how you doin’ ” so when Wendy Williams breaks her joviality and breaks down into tears, it’s like E.F Hutton: everyone listens.

download  Well the world heard her cry when during her show on Monday (January 20), she broke down into tears as she described her rocky relationship with her son while doing her daily gossip commentary on her show. The candidly outspoken talk show queen was discussing Madonna’s recent controversy where she posted and hashtagged (to/for her son 13 year-old Rocco), a variation of the “n” word on her Instagram next to a picture of him. During discussion of the fiasco, Williams got lost in emotion and began to sob-and explained to the world that her relationship with her own 13 year-old son Kevin Jr., is vastly different from the way Madonna relates to her 13 year-old son.    

(For those of you who don’t know much about what Wendy is talking about, read our write-ups on Madonna her relationship with her son in order to better understand the point/contrast Wendy is making).

At any rate.

1441344_10152085848084402_1266690781_n Wendy stated: “Rocco’s 13 years old, and Rocco is a real fan of his mother…Kevin (her son)…I discovered this a while ago, but the ball just got smacked home this weekend … He’s all into his father… You know how 13-year-olds are. I was the same way when I was 13, but it is breaking my heart. He’s a father. He’s a buddy. They talk sneakers. They go for haircuts. They speed off in the cars. And I’m just left there feeling like, ‘Why you so p—ed?’ I’m not p—ed. I’m a mom!’ … Thank god he (Kevin) has his buddy, and father. Anyways, she’s [Madonna] lucky that he (Rocco) likes her.”

↑ Selfie Ouch.


Wendy Daaaaahling. Like you, I fancy myself a very sound-minded individual where matters of the heart are concerned (and seeing that video touched me).

So for just one minute…may I pull a “you” on you? …you know…like you do on the “Wendy Williams Show” when you walk to the audience and give your take on something said or asked?

Okay here I go:

*START: imitating your voice and accent*

First starters…you’re a “Cancer” mom and if anybody was bred, born, and made for babies-it was any girl born between June 21- and July 22 (whether she embraces her maternal, intuitive instincts and naturalness or not). I said that to say this: If anybody can hurt the most seemingly fearless of Cancer women over anything and anybody in this world; it would be her own children. Cancer women are fanatics about their children and are easily hurt by them. So I feel your plight and slight where Kevin Jr. is concerned.

Furthermore, another way to look [at the comparison that you used—Rocco being a big fan of Madonna]…

NEWSFLASH: Who isn’t a fan of Madonna? Like…isn’t she dynamic and transcendent?

th (5)  (Read what I said about her here around the 6th picture of her swinging on the pole and you’ll get what I’m sayin’) *imitating your voice and accent*

th (3)   th (4)  Having said that Wendy Daaaaling…Madonna has “glitter” and music noise, and thousands upon millions of screaming people wiggling reached out arms and fingers and

th (6) swinging tears…

th (8) th (9)  Whereas you have…ink that dries and (literal) talk—and a couple of hundred people clapping hands in an enclosed  studio.

That kinda noise and glitter is much more “attractive” to the average 13 year-old boy and is as equal to being buddies with his dad, talking sneakers, going for haircuts, and speeding off into cars.

It’s the same thing.

In other words-those activities with your husband (slash) his dad, is Kevin Jr.’s “glitter and noise,” but it doesn’t mean he’s not a fan of yours.

th  I mean (like Madonna) who isn’t a fan of Wendy Williams?

“Love You For Watching, Bye”

*END: imitating the Wendy Williams voice and accent*

*Church hug + cheek to cheek kiss*


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