{Out & About} BEY Z at Nets Game Having a Spat or Did Beyonce Throw One Too Many Back?

The Drunk in Love couple have been sharing their world with us a lot since coming down off On the Run, this video making its rounds however is a side we rarely see

Beyonce looking completely exasperated (and just like how I look when I’m forced to watch a person lecture for a long length of time) and if anything, she’s looking more “drunk” than in love in that moment.

Here’s more nonverbal non-audio communication everyone’s so fascinated with:

bey z at nets game2…Hence why I do NOT do vlogs (like I intended). In being a “public” person (by trade/occupation or career), sometimes, your voice, your body language and your physical disposition is the last part of your mystery, lure and what’s left of what we have after giving up so much of us to the world.

I know it (these videos) are “stupid” news (to some) but they are going maddd viral.

Why? Because you typically see Beyonce in performance or interview mode, and mostly still-life (pics).

These videos are kinda…”real-life” ways for the world to peep in and figure you out [above and over what you hand out]…

That’s the (social/media psychology) fascination behind these videos.





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