JLO Shouts Out KIM KARDASHIAN For Copping Her New Book “True Love”


kim-and-kanye-nyc2Beside the Yves  Saint Laurent designer purse being held in Kim Kardashian’s hand (in the photo of one of our Out & About categories where she was featured) if you were wondering what else that was in Kim’s hand and thought that if it anything [with four corners and square] it could probably no more than a fashion magazine-think again.

jlo-and-kim-kardashian1Paps zeroed in on what actually was Kim clutching a copy of JLo’s new book True Love to pick up on some tips to see (that as a mommy too) what bit of substance she could add to her new book of 1,200 selfies due out in April 28, 2015 that she’s definitely going to need to add more to rather than hoping that alone 1,200 pictures would be enough to put her on the Best Sellers list, she’d better think again. Her popularity aint that “best seller” good…not even “Kim Kardashian’s” going to break a literary record “best-selling” a book of selfies.

I’m book publisher and well-seasoned in popular culture and entertainment and can tell you that as fact.

Despite the fact that countless celebrities do make the best sellers lists having books out (that they themselves didn’t even write), although it’s always their popularity (over the book itself) that actually gets them on the NYT Best Sellers List; a book with merely 1,200 pictures aint gon’ cut the mustard.


kim-kardashian-jloNOTE TO ANY “POPULAR” CELEB: Pleaseeeeeeeee don’t test your social media/visual popularity on a literary list just because that list lists “best sellers” of celebrity books truly are there merely because of their celebrity (over the book itself).

Don’t get my blogging twisted. There’s more. I’m beast and shark of the psychology behind people…”the public”/media strategy-a writer, and colorful creative with a colorfully well-decorated architecture of an unposted biography who’s run a publishing company for over ten years now. I know the industry and stay up on things in publishing and entertainment equally.

That being said…

(But before I do say it, take this tip and run with it):

It is easy to over ego-estimate and fall on your ass. Never solely, count your social media popularity, follower/likes etc. and base that on your ability to sell a product—that people don’t “need” or can’t “use” like food and you’d better know just how it feeds or nourishes them—(conducive with your brand).Kendall-and-Kylie-Jenner2

Ok so, that being said…

Having gotten word that her “popular” two (young adult and teen) sister’s (Kylie and Kendall’s) new book “Rebels” flopped just last week (having sold only 13,000 copies), I assure you, their book was a test of the bigger picture of what Kim’s publisher could use as a guinea pig—so as to see what direction a book of selfies their big sister Kim Kardashian should go with that book of hers…

download (1)Alas and entre vous: JLo’s True Love as the perfect blueprint!

Although not quite an autobiography, JLo’s new book is a revealing look at Jennifer Lopez before “JLo” and her lessons about life, family, the love of her children, and lessons she learned about love (with an interesting reveal that Ben Affleck was that one who broke her heart).

Well this morning, JLo took some time out to thank Kim for picking up a new copy of her new book and shouted her out on Twitter:

Kim’s book of selfies will not be an autobiography but according to our sources, will be a “coffee table” book. In book publishing, we refer to a “coffee table book” as a book that’s not too heavy but mostly adorned with pics and photos with maybe some words illustrating what it is you are looking at [in the picture].

Well rather than just shoving a book of 1,200 selfies down our throats, the book is supposed to have captured photos of Kim in her early days as a wardrobe stylist, along with glam-shots (and selfies) from around the world.

1818_1407525619The books (literal) description compares Kim to Marilyn Monroe reciting:

She (Kim)’s one of the most recognizable and iconic celebrities in the world. From her early beginnings as a wardrobe stylist, Kim Kardashian has catapulted herself into becoming one of the most recognizable celebrities in Hollywood.”

The publisher continues:

Hailed by many (including Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci) as the modern-day personification of Marilyn Monroe, Kim has become a true American icon.”

New however (and thanks to JLo?-so as to give us a little substance to work with and connect us to her so that even the average person can relate to her), they’ve added an author bio reflecting her life as a wife and mother that reads:

A new mom to her daughter, North, and happily married to the rapper Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is on top of the world, and this collection of hand-picked images from her personal archive is a tribute to her fans who have supported her through her very highly publicized journey.”



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