LISA BONET Shares Pics of Her Other Two Children: Lola & Wolf


Lilakoi Moon a.k.a Lisa Bonet took some time out to share her two other loves of her life outside of the [Hollywood] lifestyle we were all so certain she would gravitate to-given her beauty, success and access.

Enemy of the State - lisa and willAlthough the lowkey star of one of America’s most popular television shows did a lot to live that there lifestyle…she chose not to to-despite still doing movies like Enemy of the State, High Fidelity, Bilker Boyz (and Angel Heart…)-just to name a few.

ALisa and Two babies_Lola and Wolfside from her gorgeous daughter Zoe, with whom she shares with rocker Lenny [Kravitz], she has two other gorgeous babies (with whom she shares with Game of Thrones’ Jason Momoa): Lola (a.k.a LoLa Lolani) and Nakoa-Wolf Manakauapo Namakaeha Momoa) a.k.a: Wolf—affectionately the inspiration behind the name of Zoe’s hot band [called]: “LolaWolf.”


Enjoy a couple of LolaWolf’s hot songs-one atop the OSF big screen and here!:

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