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gossip-files-at-other-side-of-the-fameWere ‘Dangerous’ Anti-Depressants The Cause of Carrie Fisher’s Heart Failing?

The death of Carrie Fisher ripped across headlines with the same speed that it ripped hearts of Star Wars fans and beyond. Although we all know Fisher was very vocal about her mental illness and died of heart failure, buzz is circulating that ‘dangerous’ antidepressants was the cause:

“The death of Carrie Fisher this week could have been prevented had she not been prescribed ‘dangerous’ antidepressant drugs, according to doctors.
According to Dr. Pert and Dr. Heidi Connolly, SSRIs (commonly found in antidepressants) cause a gummy substance to build up in the heart and the brain, which can lead to heart problems with longterm use.
All I can say is that from day one of the SSRI stories I have seen this happen over and over again. Children should not die before their parents. With a history of strokes already I would certainly hope no doctor gave her an antidepressant to cope with Carrie’s death because they are notorious for causing strokes as well as heart failure.

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The only surprise here is that she has not suffered heart failure sooner. With as many antidepressants and other mind altering drugs the doctors have pumped into her over the years, all of which cause heart failure, no one should be surprised. Dr. Candace Pert warned of this effect in her TIME magazine letter to the editor Oct. 20, 1997, pg 8 and I wonder if anyone but me noticed although these drugs never would have seen the light of day if it were not for Dr. Pert’s discoveries.
First they caused a Bipolar reaction for Carrie with these meds and then, rather than admit it, they used that as an excuse to continue to drug her with similar drugs for years – the same thing they are doing to Britney Spears and so many others in Hollywood. Has Lindsay Lohan been given her Bipolar diagnosis yet? Carrie also suffered the antidepressant-induced cravings for alcohol so common with these meds. And she gained weight, quickly becoming unrecognizable.
What a tragedy happening right under people’s noses and they know so little about serotonin and the toll it takes  (finish reading at source site)

gossip-files-at-other-side-of-the-fameUsher Puts Wife’s A$$ Out

Singer Usher has been more than graceful and lowkey in keeping his relationship with wife Grace Miguel out of the public eye which of course, is a good thing.

Well blame it on the alcohol for the fact that Usher was a little less than gracious  when he posted and quickly deleted a pic of his wife bottom up.

This is the Internet skreets where unfortunately, no post is left behind and well—neither was Grace’s.

Reportedly, the significance of the apple emoji may have been inspired by her apple bum prompting him to snap the pic perhaps in spirit of paying homeage to the Tribe Called Quest hit where when….his wife dated the group’s lead: Q-Tip.


Gossip Site Reveals There’s No Billion Dollars on the Elevator Beyonce and Jay Z Rides In.

Build ’em up to take ’em down is the name of “celeb gossip site”‘s game. In the world of celebrity, gossip, rumor and ‘buzz’ is as synonymous with as fame itself. In one area of celeb gossip, blind item gossip sites run amok in the digisphere and find joy in keeping its readers on their toes for many months and Sundays. Reportedly, one in particular dropped an item this past October 2015. The gossip site claims to have a name for their claims which read:

“This A+ list singer lives large. How often do we see photos of her all over the world. Traveling in a private jet on seemingly a perfect vacation. She never wears the same clothes twice and her husband must make as much money as her too right? She is beyond wealthy. That is the image, but not the reality. Our A+ lister recently decided to invest in a company. She made a big deal about it. The problem for her is that it required an actual cash outlay and was not something that could be charged. She had the money, but it was a close call. How did it get like this?
back in the day when she was first hitting it big, she had good management. They kept her expenses low and the income high. Times were really good. Then, her management changed. What was just her money now became the money of her and her manager for all of his ideas to rule the world. The problem is most of his ideas have not turned out so great. It probably wouldn’t be that big of a deal if he had not put their money into the deals and used more money from outside investors. High risk and high reward. He didn’t want to share. Meanwhile, our A+ lister started stepping up her spending game at the same time her record and tour sales started declining.

What to do? Basically the couple run a tab and charge everything to the record company. They have sold off a lot of their  (finish reading at the source)

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