Hollyweird “Lone” Range Enthusiast Turns HOLLYWOOD Sign To HollywEEd

Within the first 32 seconds of his own rendition of an intro like straight out of a Snoop Dogg interlude (:30-1:30),  rap artist JaRule came close but he only “rapped” up there:



Last night it was different.

Somebody else took it a step further and fcking WRAPPED it, for real for “weed.”

No man is an island but as an art major at a creative and performing arts high school, I’ve studied art forms like this. People certainly do wrap islands-literally.

So although no man’s an island, do know that as an art form; man can wrap that island he will never be (here’s proof).

Hollywood sign turns into "Hollyweed"
(Damian Dovarganes / Associated Press) Hollywood sign turns into “Hollyweed”

What better way to express art and creativity than atop the staple of “celebrity?”

‘High’ in the hills of Hollywood in celebration of 2017’s new illegal ban lifted on [what California native rapper Snoop Dogg] calls that “sticky icky,” a “lone” ranger wanted to change the game name.

“Sticky icky” turned out to be an understatement when shortly after the clock struck 12 this morning, Hollyweird Hollywood found quite the surprise: An all out name change of the notorious “Hollywood” sign having gone from “Hollywood” to “Hollyweed.”

Rather than trying to tackle islands, reportedly, a “lone prankster” set out to sh/t all on the ‘average’ annual Halloween toilet paper prank.

Obviously in spirit of California’s vote to legalize marijuana having become the “sticky-icky,”  the prankster decided to high tail it into the Hollywood Hills of Mount Lee to create some art unforgettable: Change the double “o’s” in Hollywood to double “e”s.




While I was merely California dreaming about probable profitable penny stocks with California’s new legalization and all, this guy was with me somewhere on this, in spirit.


Ok guys. All jokes aside…The lone ranger exhibited his artistic carpentry skills and actually broke the double ‘o’s’ to be made to look like double ‘e’s’.

But this isn’t the first time “Hollywood” has taken a hit like such.

Via our friends at the LATimes, read the rest of this story, the history of the Hollywood sign and the other times it’s been altered for other political, social and recreational reasons.

A 1929 publicity photo for the Hollywoodland groundbreaking shows a plow, mules and surveyors.
A 1929 publicity photo for the Hollywoodland groundbreaking shows a plow, mules and surveyors. (Bruce Torrence Collection / Hollywood Sign Trust)

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