“Helter Skelter” (Charles Manson) Temporarily Released From Prison


As hippy history would have it, Charles Mansion was like that fallen angel that turned into the devil—and led many.



The notorious text-book narcissist and cult leader was known for mass murders (by way of a knife or gun (or axe) he never even had to touch) has finally been touched by karma?

Charles Manson was before many of our time but I sure as hell heard out him coming out of my mother’s wound, jack.

In a nutshell, no matter what era you live in, “The Manson Murders” is a household headline in which a group of hippies from the 60s went around Hollywood practicing the total opposite of “free love.”  The group, lead by Manson, killed some of Hollywood’s elite. Legend has it that it was later discovered Manson’s obsession with celebrity and having fallen from grace and almost ‘making it’ played a big part in his murderous rampage.



Manson may not have made it in Hollywood and got fame and a ‘mansion,’ but that dark, Pluto, Hades hearted Scorpio-bred cowboy sure as hell found a way make Hollywood make him.

He made history another way, and became one of Tinsletown and entertainment news media’s most fascinating and entertaining evil being’s ever-even being given the moniker “Helter Skelter”—and he wore danced it well:




…less the dance hit playing by the YouTuber who recorded the video—that really was him dancing.

Manson was gon’ be a star or die kill trying.

And he succeeded.

Fast forward (and still kickin’), “Helter Skelter” is now suffering from gastrointestinal issues while imprisoned.

Charles Manson was born in Cincinnati in 1934 and is serving a life sentence. He was temporarily released today to be treated and all news media headlines are breaking lose.


I’d KILL to see him on Twitter. LoL. You can watch this dude on YouTube and lose 5 years of your life’s time. I swear by this.

Hollywood loves this cat. He’s quite the character.


At any rate, read more about his (temporary) release from our friends at Yahoo.com

Author: Angela Sherice