How OPRAH WINFREY’s 2018 Golden Globe’s Cecil B. DeMille Speech Plugged into Us (And Was Full A Circle Moment for Her)

The night may have started off like this:


But it ended like this, beautifully, and in more ways than one:

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Like me, if you grew up nestled under your parents or grandparents watching Oprah for years at 4 p.m. on WCPO every Monday through Friday, then that Cecil B. DeMille Award winner at last nights Golden Globe Awards, Oprah Winfrey, was one to watch (and one for the books—literally).

The red carpet is known for rolling out a foundation for celebrities to walk across.

Likewise, the tone was set when first time Golden Globes host, comedian Seth Meyers, rolled out his own ‘red carpet’ of sorts-by taking the initiative to acknowledge the issue of the night rumbling beneath all the glitz and glam on the surface: Sexual Harassment.


With a timely joke is was-his stating that never in a moment in Hollywood have [white men] ever been more nervous than right now: And “right now,” this very moment time in popular culture, it was the unpopular goings that gave birth to unpopular happenings lay dormant. Countless women began coming up from behind shame; chanting, revealing, carrying torches of torment branded [with the] hashtag: #MeToo-started by Tarana Burke and spearheaded in conjunction with Alyssa Milano.

As that long list of #MeToo’s unraveled, “#TimesUp” became the name of this shame that was obviously no game. Started and spearheaded by Alyssa’s “Fear” co-star, Legally Blonde star Reese Witherspoon decided it was “Times Up.”

Time’s up for the silence and shaming-as women from Hollywood to humble abodes, stood in solidarity for empowerment against harassment, inequality and put their money where the strife is: by raising money to start an organization in support of women in need of help and special counsel if ever needed.

Thanks to a male taking the initiative of not ignoring the female plight and pink elephant in the room, [by, in so many words-even without saying the words]: “Me Too,” Seth Meyers stood in solidarity with the #MeToo movement by just opening the show and allowing himself to take action with words at a moment, in a place, on a stage, and out to the world where in Tinseltown and towns all over, needed to hear it.

It was that allowance, and all the MeToo, TimesUp and the 75th Annual Golden Globe Moments leading up to Winfrey’s powerful, memorable moment rolled out another form of a red carpet specifically for Oprah, who, herself, had her very own full circle moment.

It is widely known, for those of us who’ve studied, followed and admired her for years, Oprah, too, was #MeToo. And last night, she too, decided TimesUp, and stand in her glory, during her full circle moment (that too), many may never understand like she did. But one thing for certain and two for sure, it was certainly felt.

Yes, we all know that the late Mary Tyler Moore made Oprah dream of being the Oprah Winfrey that she became to be on t-v.

But you see, Oprah Winfrey’s first inspiration and introduction that made her feel like she too, could be on t.v. came from Sidney Poitier:


Her love for Sidney Poitier transcended through time:


…and if you know Oprah (like I do), last night was hers in such a full circle moment that we all felt. We felt it because it was REAL. And real personal (too). Another kind of “Me Too” for her…

Not only did she identify with #MeToo and too, feels that #TimesUp; (but too), last night was like a magical line straight out of Stevie Wonder’s “As” (“Until the day that you are me and I am you“). It was AS if her life and her legacy traded places with her inspiration: Sidney Poitier—the first black man to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award just st as sure as she, after all these years (throughout all of Hollywood), was the first black woman recipient to receive that very same statue and award as the object of her inspiration.


A champion of education, and (true) empowerment for women,



…last night, Oprah Winfrey plugged in and connected to the pain of the past (Recy Taylor) to now, the moment, and more importantly, her moment.

This was circuitry.


It was by way of her connectedness (and her very own personal full circle moment), that the world plugged in to this never-to-be-forgotten moment. And what happened was lightning, as well light that struck a chord and illuminated us all.

Last night, we ALL fell in love with Oprah Winfrey of The Oprah Winfrey Show all over again:


I often talk about (and strongly feel) that when you feel so proud of someone, or what they do or did to (truly) inspire you, or enlighten you, or empower you; it is your DUTY to hand them their flowers while they live and are alive…

And Oprah Winfrey. I am handing you your flowers. I TOTALLY fell in love with MY “4 p.m. Oprah Winfrey” all over again…

Stay with us forever-by just CONTINUING being you You.

You deserved last night just as much as last night deserved YOU.

My heart if full.

Author: Angela Sherice