Singing Like a Humming Bird About a Songbird: BEYONCE’s Former Vocal Coach Writes Tell All

Singing like a hummingbird about a songbird.

When you’re talking too much and saying all the right (or wrong) thing to all the wrong (or right) people, the slang saying is called “singing like a humming bird.”

Well whooda thunk that singing like a hummingbird would come to roost would take wings, fly and come to roost like this.

Good thing, already, for a few minutes in time, the Knowles matriarch (Mathew Knowles) had already took the stage by upstaging the elusive reputation superstar Beyonce had worked so hard for.

Fast forward.

Life moved on. His wife, Tina Knowles remarried and became Tina Knowles-Lawson. And as for Beyonce; the beat goes on.


Once upon a time however, a man by the name of David Lee Brewer came bearing gifts. Those “gifts” came in the form of revealing himself as being an instrumental force behind the superstar songbird that in some ways, gave her wings.



All damning due to an explosive new book title “Beyonce: Raising Genius,” Brewer’s got some serious recants (and accusations?) regarding Mathew Knowles’ infidelity and hard core drug use and in some way (attempts too?), lift the victim veil from over Tina Knowles-stating that she, too, was cheating with the same man that she is married to, today.

Considering what’s brewing, although this week Brewer’s name is making its rounds ‘round these entertainment news streets; before now, he is on record, online, as having spoken about having been Beyonce’s vocal coach back in Houston long before she became “Beyonce” to the world and before “Celestine” became known as “Tina Knowles,” (to the world, too).

Have at some excerpts from his book:


“Turns out, he had escalated to stronger drugs and even stranger behaviors. Rumor had it that cocaine had long since stopped satisfying his thirst, and had turned to crack cocaine.”

“In a tear scene, Celestine said that Mathew’s drug use had gotten out of hand. I knew all about it. I’d found a very small package of what appeared to be Mathew’s wonder drug.”

“Naturally, Beyoncé expected her father’s flowers to have a positive effect on her mother. Surely, they would soften her mother’s obvious anger.

Celestine surprised everyone by throwing them to the floor.

While a devastated Beyoncé struggled to understand her mother’s response, I thought to myself, “How cruel—of Mathew, that is, using his own child as a shield against his wife’s wrath.”

Mathew had crossed the line. Damaging Celestine’s image in Beyoncé’s eyes was punishable by death. None of us knew how he’d eventually pay. For now, she just wanted him gone.

“Get OUT!” she screamed. Shattered, Beyoncé burst into tears.

Once again Ann came to the rescue. She was always rescuing this family. According to Kenny Moore, Celestine had thrown Mathew out of the house on more than one occasion. Kenny told me that every time Celestine threw Mathew out, he would show up at Ann’s. How accurate “every time” was, I’m not sure, but Mathew spent more than a few nights on Ann’s couch. I certainly knew that Ann offered him shelter.
Those were turbulent and sketchy times.

Beyoncé longed for a peaceful resolution, and I just wanted them either to finish each other off, or divorce already. Unfortunately, Beyoncé would not get her peace and we would not get relief, not for a long time.

Mathew Knowles
Some days after the flower-offering incident, I saw Mathew in the Galleria Mall, walking proudly with a woman who introduced herself to me as “Diamond.” Although it was obvious they were an item, Mathew tried to act as though they were business colleagues. The man was delusional. Very much unemployed, he didn’t even own the dust in his pocket, so whatever game he was playing, I wasn’t biting. I must say, I was not shocked at all. Who knew better than I that he and his wife despised one another? Theirs was not a marriage. It was a business arrangement. Neither was willing to relinquish the claim to the success they’d envisioned for themselves. Still, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the entire lot of them and the situation.

It was clear. Diamond, the way she walked, talked, and dressed, was no colleague.

I soon discovered that, although unhappily married, Celestine was not suffering all by herself. Going over to the main house to retrieve my keyboard one afternoon, I happened upon Celestine kissing a man. I recognized him immediately: Richard Lawson, a famous actor. The startled Celestine had no choice but to introduce me. Talk about awkward. She was supposed to be at her salon. I extended my hand to Richard, telling him how much I admired his work. He nodded. “It’s a pleasure,” he said.

After letting him out of the house, Celestine turned.

“Richard is my cousin,” she said. “He’s on that stuff.”
Talking a mile a minute, Celestine explained that she had been counseling Richard. He’s been on cocaine a long time, she said, and is trying to break the bad habit. She was working awfully hard to convince me of her innocence. I kept thinking, “The lady definitely doth protest too much.” Why? I hadn’t a clue. She should have known I’d be the last one to mention the scene to Mathew. But hey, I thought, “what’s good for Mathew should be good for her, right?” Absolutely not. What she was doing was against everything that she swore she believed in. Celestine Beyincé Knowles was a puritan, a self-proclaimed martyr for Jesus. She never admitted to, or had been caught in the act of doing, anything suspect, not until now anyway. It wasn’t biblical, what she was doing. Adultery was a sin, no matter how she spun the story. No doubt in my mind. Celestine was cheating on her cheating husband with her “Cousin” Richard. Damn…”

‘Mathew was garnering negative attention all over Houston, and even Celestine’s clients were beginning to talk. Every day she faced new rumors, most of them true. Mathew was into all kinds of kinky things. Word on the street was that the glass dick wasn’t the only thing he’d wrapped his hands around. The more I saw and heard, the more I sympathized with Celestine’s position. They hadn’t been husband and wife for years. I never even saw them hold hands. Naturally, they hugged each other in public whenever they considered it expedient—for photo ops, to name one common occurrence. That was as far as their “affection” for one another went.
Obsessed with tarnishing Celestine’s image in the eyes of his daughters, Mathew appeared early one morning—after being out several nights late—with flowers in hand. Beyoncé, who loved her mother dearly, knew that there was tension between the two, so when Mathew asked her to pass on his surprise to Celestine, she was elated. She ran into the kitchen, where I sat with a frustrated Celestine. “Mama! Look what Daddy bought you!” ‘
[end quotes]


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Author: Angela Sherice