images (4)As American popular culture would have it, in the 70’s and 80’s, the Marlboro Man was long known as the tobacco’s industry’s face of strength, and masculine sexiness beyond compare.

Although many-a-men can look quite dapper squinting, brow up, throwing that head to the back to exhale with that left hand on that hip-right arm hanging low with a burner in his hand; one would admit that he’d look twice as masculine-sexy with a cigar. It’s just as masculine as a Marlboro Man’s Marlboro cigarette.

images (6)Although all four of America’s Marlboro men have since passed (all due to smoking related health issues): Eric Lawson-1972, David Millar-1987, William Thourby-1988, and Wayne McLaren-1992; still, call me crazy and a tad bit too observant, but there’s always been something sexy—not exactly about the cigar/ette-but the way a man holds it and smokes it; how he handles any kind of burner in his hand (legal, illegal or otherwise)…sorry. It’s just sexy. Quite frankly, I’ve even seen some girls smoke “sexy.” A sexy stance-cig in hand-can make a that cancer stick look as healthy as a carrot. I tell ya.To me, people (unconsciously) smoke like it’s a delicacy and no matter what-they tend to look in control of things, I guess. It’s just intriguing to me (probably because I don’t smoke), but boy can you get my attention smoking. I’m like a babe in the woods: staring awkwardly.

At any rate.

Take for instance when looking at two different cigar magazines upcoming masculine-sexy men (Mario Lopez and Usher) on the covers of Cigar & Spirits Mag and Cigar Aficionado.

Say no more AnG. Prove it. Oh…and: You’re welcome, ladies:

Me: voyeuring.

Cig porn.



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