{Buzz} Has ROBIN THICKE Rebounded With TOM CRUISE’s Ex KATIE HOLMES? Is The Time Right?


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Robin Thicke’s estranged wife Paula Patton still hasn’t made it home yet.

download (5)For any man, that my very well be a sign that he should open himself up to moving on-and with Paula not yet moved back home, Robin Thicke just very well may be moving on [to] Holmes—Katie Holmes that is. The two met back in 2010 long before the eerie spirit of “Blurred Lines” blurred the lines of Robin and Paula’s relationship.

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While Robin’s wife Paula was working with Katie’s husband Tom Cruise on the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, when Robin would visit the set with he and Paula’s (then) new baby; he and Katie would have small-talk, where Katie would offer him advice and tips on looking after a new baby.

download (2)As well, the two bonded over music tips after Robin overheard Katie singing to Suri (the daughter that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes both share).

download (4)Our sources say that a insider told New Idea blog, that after hearing about Robin’s current situation Katie (also now divorced from Tom Cruise), reached out to Robin [quote] “She dropped him an email recently to see how he was, knowing he was going through divorce hell, and he was so happy to hear from her.” [unquote]

According to the source, after his tour ends this (August) month, they’ve arranged a date to meet up in New York and quote [quote] “if anybody can get him over Paula, it’s Katie” [unquote].


Time…(not just timing) …is everything.


And as fans of Robin Thicke since 2002-long before his popularity thickened with the invention of real-time social media [by 2014]-as high in hopes as even we at Other Side of the Fame had on the reconciliation of the high school sweet hearts, we must admit that time is on Robin’s side right about now (as the “stars” would have it).








What do I mean by that?

If you follow me/my work enough then you know that spiritually speaking, I feel that we are all connected through time and through that, we connect and have harmony, (or discord) with one another because of, and through that.

I explain that in detail here, here, here, and here.

At any rate, know this. Astrology (which I prefer to call “personology” because of my methodology and how I use itversus a lot of Greek mythology or unexplainable logic traditionally as carried on and on) is not just all about a person. As well, it is about a “time.”

CONSTELLATION ARIES THROUGH PISCES_angelasherice.com_BOOK_FirstThingsFirstDiscoveringYourKarmaMissionAndPurposeInLife_ISBN_978_0970980632

LEO motto_angelasherice.com_BOOK_FirstThingsFirstDiscoveringYourKarmaMissionAndPurposeInLife_ISBN_978_0970980632Well, right now-in the constellations we are moving out of Leo who’s motto is “I WILL” and Leo (a fire sign) is ruled by the heart and often times its ego and raw courage-Robin was in the middle of that (June-July during constellation Cancer/water sign, ruled by EMOTIONS/what they feel)-all the while still persistent and determined through July-August…(like constellation Leo).

CANCER motto_angelasherice.com_BOOK_FirstThingsFirstDiscoveringYourKarmaMissionAndPurposeInLife_ISBN_978_0970980632








LEO motto_angelasherice.com_BOOK_FirstThingsFirstDiscoveringYourKarmaMissionAndPurposeInLife_ISBN_978_0970980632As we are moving out of Leo and into constellation Virgo, we are moving into a time where ANALYZING things (ruled by the constellation Virgo) come into play. So per the constellations, from now through September 22, the “stars” are on his side with us now moving in to Virgo-assisting Robin with analyzing everything practically-like Virgo does (versus emotionally-like Cancer, or assertive/persistently-like Leo).


VIRGO motto_angelasherice.com_BOOK_FirstThingsFirstDiscoveringYourKarmaMissionAndPurposeInLife_ISBN_978_0970980632In this Virgo moment in time (August 24 through September 22, practicality is the name of the game), and guess what’s next (September 23 through October 22)?


LIBRA motto_angelasherice.com_BOOK_FirstThingsFirstDiscoveringYourKarmaMissionAndPurposeInLife_ISBN_978_0970980632When constellation Libra season is here-know this: that is the time in the stars where relationship and balance come into play. The scales of Libra are (whether consciously or unconsciously) are forever teetering on seeking balance and bridging gaps to relationship.

Relationship-be it social, business, or personal is constellation Libra’s “thing.”

Despite the teetering of Libra scales-as indecisive as Libra and the time in Libra may seem; constellation Libra (and our during our “Libra” moment in time: September 22 through October 22) our spirits are in search of balance and bridging gaps to relationship…you know…teetering-trying to make a stop…in the balanced middle.


And well…this may very well be a good time for Katie and Robin with regard to the same.

TIME…is everything…and on Robin and Katie’s side perhaps.

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