# Ferguson Eerie Similarities: Like The Shooting of TRAYVON MARTIN, The [Supposed] Audio of MIKE BROWN’s Actual Shooting Has Surfaced


The supposed (suppose-ed) recording of the actual gunshots fired by the officer that killed 18 year-old Mike Brown on the afternoon of Saturday August 9, has surfaced.

FACELESS ON SKYPEThe man who came forward (choosing to remain faceless and nameless), says that while he was online video chatting with someone, the actual tragedy was taking place right outside his window.

download (1)Although in listening to the recording, the man’s calm, debonair voice sounds everything remotely close to a spoof of some sort (especially considering hearing the consistent rounds of what obviously weren’t firecrackers in July); the alleged fact of the matter is that the ear-witness has come forward—stating that this is the actual recording of what went on that fateful afternoon that Mike Brown was killed and despite the fact that there was excitement in his voice of possibly scoring a date with a hot girl he met online. The supposed fact of the matter is, right outside his window, an 18 year-old boy at that very moment-was defenselessly about to meet his demise and date of death.


The eerie reminder and similarities of the shootings of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown are definitely uncanny, to say the least.

trayvon-martins-mom-and-mike-browns-mom-and-dadThis past weekend, Other Side of the Fame just informed you about the open letter that Trayvon Martin’s mother wrote to the parents of Mike Brown [before the discovery of this supposed recording of the shooting of Mike Brown] explaining her feeling pain and plight of the parents of Mike Brown’s while suggesting how they best move on this going forward-having experienced the similarly same thing as with her child Trayvon Martin.

Eerily similar, the actual recording of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, who too, was shot by a neighborhood crime patrol watchman (slash) wanna-be officer, was recorded [while emergency personnel was being called however].

Although the recording of Trayvon’s tragedy clearly shows that one gunshot went off (while it was painfully obvious the young boy was being apprehended and screaming for help as a result) and then seconds later-when that sharp, crisp gunshot number two went off; 17 year-old Trayvon Martin was silenced to death by the hands of George Zimmerman, who is a free man today.

10407234_10154510517660722_1837633741041622188_n081214-national-michael-brown-parents-shootingHopefully, the confirmed 6 + 4 (or 5) shots heard by forensic and audio expert Paul Ginsberg of the supposed recording will serve as crucial evidence in getting justice served accordingly.

Lopa Blumenthal, the attorney for the unidentified man who turned in the supposed taped recording of Mike Brown’s tragedy, told CNN that the FBI has brought him in for questioning.

As you saw, in the interview with CNN’s Don Lemon, attorney Blumenthal stated the pause–was that point of contemplation which was very much a cause for concern. 



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