Knocked Out & Looking At Sunday From Both Ways: Old Woman Punches Man For Pinching Her Bottom

My mom had a way with words like nobody you ever knew.

She was one of the most charming, funniest, little entertaining ladies you’d ever meet and she filled with her own personal sayings and idioms and seemed to have one for almost every situation e.g. “I’ve been around the world twice while you’re still making your way around the teacup still looking for the handle.”

Translation: Sit down, you know nothing and’ve been no where.9499975_G

No matter how serious she was about whatever she was talking (or scolding us) about, when she’d drop and idiom (or one of her sayings), it was hard to take a serious moment serious.

Like for instance, another one of her sayings would be “Keep trying with me and I’ma knock you into the middle of next week and you’ll be looking at Sunday from both ways.”

Now if you sit and think of the visual of that, like me, I’d just picture myself knocked against wall and sliding down (cockeyed) with cartoon birds tweeting overhead.

mqdefaultBut for the first time (since my visual) an even better visual came to life-real life.

A woman in Morocco was minding her business out of the street in what looked to be a day out street-shopping and while leaning over a motorcycle, a man couldn’t help but take a pinch of her ample bottom but in turn, got decked and stretched across the sidewalk before he landed on the ground.

Talk about cockeyed and birds flying overhead.

Feet up. Feet up. like a parapalegic!- Weezy

Due to hitting his head on the pavement, reportedly, the man was unconscious for more than two hours after—getting his a%% handed over to him (pun intended).

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Well it’s like they say: [if it can be] “An eye for an eye,” then too, [so can] a punch for a pinch, right?

*Take note of the lil’ guy with the fisherman’s hat (on the left) holding his hands up gesturing like “Uh un. Uou stay back there lady! Don’t come any closer.”

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