DAVID SPADE Says PRES. OBAMA Is “Thirsty” + Why OBAMA Is The U.S Presidency’s Social Media 1st “Crash Test Dummy”

david spade pres obamaDavid Spade was caught out there in the mean streets—being mean…calling a spade a spade (let him tell it).

Leaving Craigs, the photogs of TMZ caught up with David this Christmas Day weekend, obviously having what Tina Fey’s having here of late served from her plate: No fcks, formalities or apologies given about what anyone feels about what exits her mouth going forward.

Spade took a moment to voice his opinion about president Barack Obama being a little too “thirsty” for his taste-feeling that his appearing on reality television, magazine covers (and the First Lady appearing on talk shows), is all apart of an elaborate plan of aligning themselves with the Hollywood elite as a part of their White House exit and end game (post term).

“Michelle Obama’s on ‘Ellen’ more than I am,” complains Spade.

He continues: “[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]What president is doing reality shows? I thought a president should have a little more dignity than that[/clickandtweet].”


I say this:

GLITTER5 STAR[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]You have to look at Barack Obama as the “crash-test dummy president” of the social media era[/clickandtweet]: Put out there in ways that no other president in the history of the United States presidency has not had to-[while] having to fulfill two terms of his duties under the real-time scrutiny of people who no longer have to write him at “1600 Pennsylyvania Avenue Washington, D.C” anymore, all they have to do is @ him…or #hashtag him to cc the world on whatever it is they have to say about or to him. This is a first. I don’t wish the experience on NO president-especially the first BLACK president. Think about that.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]Why is Obama on Bear Grills trying to survive in the tundra? Isnt the idea to keep the prez alive? And why is he on a reality show?Wtf [/clickandtweet]?

— David Spade (@DavidSpade) December 14, 2015


Although Spade claims to understand we are living in a different day in time, and it’s just a [quote] “new world” [end quote] still, he admits not being used to it [and] having a hard time accepting the president’s connection to popular culture like such.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]If I were to tell the truth, quite frankly, during his first term out the gate, I too, I was taken aback by his connection to popular culture [like such] too as, this had never been done before at such a level.[/clickandtweet]

GLITTER5 STARBut then when I took a moment to realize, that too, we are living in the digital age of social media (and not only was he going to be under scrutiny for being the first black president), as well-this first black president is the first president living out loud during a time when social media is alive; fan fare, fame for little or nothing and playing fields are leveled-and every thing and body is one of two things: magnified (or exaggerated). No middle ground.

[clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]It’s a Catch 22: If he did ignore social media and the world of popular culture and strictly attended to his presidential duties, he would be scrutinized and scolded[/clickandtweet]. The fact that he does, he’s punished (and scrutinized and scolded). There is no riding the fence and indulging in social media/pop culture “a little less” (than what he does) as, it goes back to what I just said: [clickandtweet handle=”” hashtag=”” related=”” layout=”” position=””]It’s either magnified or exaggerated. There AINT no “in between.”[/clickandtweet]

That being the case, at some point in this game, regardless of who the president would be, he or she was going to have to come from the dugout, pick up a bat and swing. That person just so happened to be the 44th president named Barack Obama who,

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