Kid Throws Rip-Roaring Hissy Fit At Getting WWE 2K15 (Rather That WWE 2K16)

So  much for the dainty tree, and dim Christmas lights by the fireplace at 12:01 a.m. when cute, squealing, grateful little kids come-a-running down the stairs to see if Santa ate the cookies they left while from there, their screams provide lyrics to the tearing sounds of wrapping paper opening joy and presents galore—without incident.

It’s 2015, a new millennium of the digital age now: The age of instant gratification and where everything from looks to lux is apparent:

If before the digital age, you thought you were “ugly” in 2015 you know for sure you are (or not).

If (before the digital age) if you were rich or poor  financially challenge (now, in 2015) you know for sure if you are or aren’t—’aint no more “middle class” or in between.

And well, in 2015, from whether you are age 8 or 80, if you’re entitled….well, it’s no secret.


And unfortunately, that’s not exclusive and a well kept secret that even parents can hide from kids-even at an age where you can still fool them about Santa—you can’t fool them about materialistic things and unsubstantial sh|t, unfortunately-faggeeeeeeeeeeeeedabout it.

Lots of these bratty Broods and Children of the Corn

…are hardly like the kids of analog’s yesteryear.

Take for instance this little boy captured on cam with what his mom (who probably thought yesterday)  would be a happy Christmas morning moment when he got the WWE 2k15 (rather than 2016).

After he ripped open the wrapping paper and found that he was the not-so-proud recipient of last years rendition, he

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