“Officer Slam” Slammed: S.C. Spring Valley High Officer Ben Fields FIRED For Body Slamming Teen

South Carolina Spring Valley High school resource officer Ben Fields a.k.a “Officer Slam’s” been slammed.

Richland County Sheriff Deputy Lott reported that he thought it best to immediately fire Officer Fields after reviewing the video tape showing the officer improperly handling a 16-year old female student after being called because she didn’t put her cell phone away.

Luckily, the entire incident was caught on cell phone cam as, 18 year-old Niya Kenny participated and orchestrated the taping-considering the nickname and reputation (that she had been familiar with since 8th grade). Kenny remarked Fields’ reputation already proceeded him and he was known around the high school as “Officer Slam.”



According to Kenny, Fields had earned that reputation during his seven year tenure at the high school-stating [that] something was “always bound to go down” whenever Officer Slam was called or came around.

Nothing could be further from the truth as the frail, petite 16 year-old student girl experienced at the hands and folds of the arms of the

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