3 Reasons Why Prince Is a Welcome (and much needed) Attraction on Instagram & Why We Should Kneel


“Ya’ might not know it now, baby but I-R.”

Yes, he pulled up on us and is in the neighborhood……………….again.

As you may well know, our royal “hi” ness and Private Joy funk and roll star Prince slid up in on Instagram to share his private, patented, and protected from piracy world with us. That being the case, here are 3 reasons why he’s a welcomed attraction (for Instagram) and you should stop by to say “hello.”


  • download (2)Prince is a Man of Few Words, A Thousand Pictures and A Million Songs

Prince is a man of few words-therefore, Twitter was not the place for him (for a couple of reasons). Never in music history has a man not aged one day yet, is a big star of our mom’s generation, our older siblings generations and even ours today-right here and now-and too, survived the MUSIC industry successfully while remaining SIGNIFICANT (well over being “relevant”) with radio and television interviews that you can barely count on one hand. Who in the ayech-ee-double hockey-stick survives and remains significant without any scandals, fake, corny publicity stunts and burning up the airwaves toting a project to promote? Prince! That’s who.


Prince bows to NO ONE.

Being the man of few words that he is (and considering his greatness), it’s understandable that he’s come and gone from the 140-character world of Twitter which (regardless if you’re not soliciting or interested) tends to look as though you are soliciting “followers,” reactions, and retweets when quite frankly-you just might be posting your thoughts or whatever. Outside the lyrics of his music, Prince is not one to have ever “shared his thoughts” with the world (nor should our royal highness be made to look like he is begging to raise a follower count or solicit reactions to whatever he posts). Instagram affords him the normalcy of just posting a pic or snippet-leaving no explanation or note to toll his rhyme or reason.



  • Prince is the King of Fck You, Pay Me

images (3)Come kick my a$$ and you’ll be wind-milling at the wind if you think you’re gonna use Prince Rogers Nelson’s music to cuten up your blog, Facebook page or pump your musical prowess by example anywhere on any social media platform. You can go through hell and high water in search of a Prince video or song on the You Tubes and such and you will swim back with your fin under your belly and between your legs dehydrated. Prince does NOT play about his art being put on display for free. He has even earned a reputation for even have whole pages taken DOWN for so much as singing, “Dubsmashing” and pantomiming his music. Instagram affords him the platform to take over from here thank you very much.

16hok9hFor Christ sakes we NEED his music online SOMEWHERE! I mean who in the hell can write a whole pop song metaphorically in third person that rocks so hard that you don’t even realize it’s an ode to God speaking through him? I’ve clutched my chest and teared up many a times off that song while holding my right hand up to the Lord. “I Would Die 4U” is one of theeeeee most GENIUS metaphorically written pop’ligious pieces never done.

I’m not a woman. I’m not a man. I am something you will never understand.” / You’re just a sinner I am told. Bring you fire when you’re cold. Make you happy when you’re sad. Make you good when you are bad. I’m not human, I am a dove. I’m your conscious. I am love. All-all I-I really need. Is to know that you believe…Yeah: I would die for you.”

152472719EM00260_2012_iHearAs well, who has never played out in the mind-slow dancing with their significant other to “When 2 R in Love” or texting their Bae the words to “Adore” (as if it was a mere conversation (so that he/she can fall more in love with you). Prince’s lyrics to his love songs will stitch your soul.

Furthermore, do you realize how hard it is to blog about that guy and you can’t show while you tell? Just last month (mid tour) Madonna stopped by his Paisley Park studios and stage to perform with, and for Prince and a large crowd but left us all with nothing but words on a page to tell about it. I TOTALLY sucked my teeth and side-eyed every single post about it and yelled “Prince kiss my a$$!” (and stubbornly refused to tell what happened since I couldn’t show it) as, Madonna and Prince on the same stage was BIG. Not only are both Midwest natives but legend has it that for years they HATED each other (in the 80s and 90s). So as a pop culture aficionado, I needed proof. Prince begrudged me of that pleasure and he owes me. I mean–the guy has a whole category for him and him only called (what he prefers his music to be called) “Funk and Roll.” I bestowed that upon him. So perhaps he’ll give us a 15 second snippet and peep show on Instagram (because after he posts it there-its all fair use and fair game buddy!)


  • Instagram Squares Were Designed with Prince In Mind

Instagram squares of photo squares were made for Prince. First of all, he’s a Gemini, and their mentality, doings and “way” is all in “short trips.” Although the “radioactive communicator” of the zodiac, Gemini’s are NOT ones for anything too long-term. It makes them nervous. So 15 sec snippets and an area that affords Prince the option to communicate (or not) is right up his alley. I mean he sang it ions ago (in my personal, daily-played theme song when I approach the world Baby I’m A Star): “If my looks don’t change your mind…it’s gotta be your camera line. Take a picture sweety, I aint got time to wait!!!!”

Hey… our royal highness Prince is a match made for Instagram and:



Deal. Kneel.

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