Officer Michael Slager Indicted For Murder in Shooting of WALTER SCOTT


The North Charleston, S.C shooting of unarmed black man, Walter Scott, 50, by officer Michael Slager, 33, on that fateful April 4 day resulted in a June 8 indictment against Slager who will now stand trial for murder.


In considering the fact that the brazen incident happened on cell phone video tape and had gone viral (showing Scott running away from the officer), Slager was immediately fired.


Prosecutor Scarlett Wilson announced the indictment:

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“The jury will make up its own mind after it sees the video and hears the other testimony.”

Slager faces 30 years to life if convicted.



Wilson stated that (as per South Carolina law) since there were no aggravating circumstances like robbery or kidnapping, the death penalty does not apply.

(The chase was the result of a routine traffic stop).

Scott’s family however, are happy with the indictment. [His] brother Rodney Scott reported that the family is “very happy and pleased.”

Slager’s lawyer had no comment on the indictment.




We only saw pictures of Walter Scott’s back as he ran from the cop, but this is his face:


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