CHRIS BROWN Was Punked: “Friends” Told Him KARRUECHE Was Open To Talking To Him (Unbeknownst To Her)

The past weekend was pretty rough (and embarrassing) for Chris Brown who was under the radar for having caused [what he thought] was going to be him being received with open arms by estranged ex Karrueche.

Well at first pic’s glance (and many reports having jumped the gun), it did look as though the two were together after having a nice night out.



But what had-happened was: The two sorta……just so happened to be at the same club (Playhouse) and Chris Brown took it upon himself to get a table next to Karrueche’s-where she sat with her friends.

Long story short, that’s when all hell broke lose and Chris became the topic of all the Internecks-when more pics and jokes turned memes:




….of the scene came out. It was reported that she actually was not interested in bumping into Chris, talking to Chris, or walking with Chris.


Well as it turns out, reportedly Chris told sources he was kind of “punked” and was told that Karrueche was indeed interested and open to having a pow-wow and sit-down with him (hence why he pulled up on her like such–and at the club).

Considering the fact (what he was “told”), he too, was shocked at her unwelcoming response.

Both now know Chris was set up are cutting these “friends” behind it all.

Bummer. Imagine showing up on one emotion…………………….. and you’re the only one of the two in on+ with that emotion :/



Some “friends.”

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