{Video} BRITTNEY GRINER Finally Speaks: “Prior To Us Getting Married, I Knew I Didn’t Want To”



Phoenix Mercury Center WBNA Brittney Griner finally speaks regarding the bizarre 28 day fiasco that quickly jumped the broom from a 9-month long engagement to 28 days marriage superseded by a domestic violence situation, turned marriage, turned new baby in the picture-all in a matter of weeks.

Griner and Johnson


If you read (and were enlightened)…by our extensive write up about it, then you know that one of the most bizarre things about the situation was that while wife WNBA Tulsa Shock player Glory Johnson was announcing to the world their new addition, unbeknownst the her, Griner had filed for an annulment the day before.



“Prior to us getting married, I knew I didn’t want to,” Griner sobbed while talking to ESPN’s Kate Fagan.

“I shouldn’t have went through with it. You know, sometimes you feel pressured into things, and I went along with it. And I know I shouldn’t have. It was a huge mistake. I just knew it was a mistake,” she expressed.

Griner’s one word to express this whirlwind of the past ten months was “emotional”–as she bowed her head and cried.

Tap in below to see the interview:


Obviously still with child, Johnson will not be returning to the court for the season. As you just saw, Griner however, is looking forward to getting back in the paint as, following both their arrests, Griner and Johnson were suspended from their respective teams for the first seven games of the season.   Brittney-Griner-jpg  

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