Not By The Skin of JULIE CHEN’s Chin: The View ‘Made A Mistake’ By Hiring JENNY McCARTHY

Unlike her co-star: Sharon Osbourne, she aint blatantly saying ‘The View’ “can go f–k themselves,” but she is saying they did f—k themselves by putting Jenny McCarthy on.

Could be natural.

Could be not.

Julie_Chen_and_Les_Moonves_at_the_2009_Tribeca_Film_Festival But the television industry exec: Les Moonves’ wife certainly has got job-security, so if the outspoken television talk show host says something atypical or unusual; count on it coming from a real, honest place.

We all know that Julie Chen’s never been one to hold back that thing that sits behind her chin and at any moment, you can certainly count on her honest opinion to roll right down [her chin].

A statement she made to Howard Stern recently was nothing [more, less, or intended to be tongue and cheek by the skin of Chen’s chinny chin chin] when she said that it was a big mistake for “The View” to hire Jenny McCarthy [following the departed: former guest stars Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasslebeck].

top_10_reality_tv_hosts_julie_chen According to Chen: Hasselbeck and Behar [along with the other co-stars: Barbara Walters and Sherri  Shepherd] completed the show, in that it (at one time) had staffed: five completely different women from different walks of life that all had differing views on politics. And according to Chen, in her opinion, it was what made the show what it……..uh: was-and well…that formula is what (and I quote)” “made it worth watching.” (unquote).


JennyMcCarthy  Although Chen feels the show invited Jenny McCarthy to join the cast to obviously lighten up the mood at the table in an effort to add more fun, more gossip, and more fun; those highlights now miss the mark on what put the show on the map, and now (quote): “it just doesn’t know what it is now.” (unquote).

We at Other Side of the Fame not only have a policy (for our near future contributors): “Say what you want, but spell their name right,” and as well, we do what we can to not read between the lines (and especially not put any words in anyone’s mouth) but sometimes you just can’t help [but read between the lines] ya know?

But by that statement shall we conclude that (by contrast) to the assured “brunette” feel of the show’s original formula, the “high-lite” addition of blonde [McCarthy] now has a “blonde moment” formula feel [since it “just doesn’t know what it is anymore”]?

I dunno, but Chen asserts that no one is probably wasting any DVR space to catch any episodes of the show to hear about McCarthy’s views on politics or whatever she may have to say about mayoral races (or the like).

abc_jenny_mccarthy_2_wy_130715_16x9_992  She does note however: McCarthy is “beautiful and funny and talented and smart,” (at least there’s that). Just not in a solid “brunette” and smart kinda way that the show once was huh?

{Eye Spied at MSN Entertainment Tim Kennally}

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