We all know that Kanye doesn’t mind throwing his opinion out in any direction: East, South, (North OR West) and regarding the recent Grammy noms that (even with his inclusion), he still insists he’s got some answers despite his having already won 31 Grammys at 36 years old. By his, and the academy’s record, that’s the most awards that any winner has won by or at that age, so from that alone, something certainly should account for that-something bigger, better, and greater, according to West.

bfa366d30a8c4eb7932cea0ceca221edMid-concert, during his Yeezus Tour in Arizona this week, Kanye wanted to take moment out to analyze why he was snubbed for 2013’s pick for Album of the Year-claiming that the U.SRecordingAcademy is basically racist. According to Shakespere in the Flesh, Walt Disney, Nike, Google, and the most impactful artist of our generation; he’ll be damned if you think the most recent snub will get by his radar. He’s on to the RecordingAcademy’s strategic efforts to marginalize and diminish his greatness thinking that by serving him a little bit of Grammy gold will pacify him.

No, that’s not enough. West insists on being rewarded for his greatness just as other greats have been, but feels that although he knows they know he’s worthy of it (and earned it), when the bigger and most greatest award: “Album of the Year” comes up, he is strategically knocked pushed out of the category for racist reasons.

Did they think I wouldn’t notice!?” asserts West.

Even despite all the disappointing snubs for countless artists who felt they deserved a nod for this years Grammy’s (for their work); don’t try to pacify Kanye by handing him two mere Grammy nods [Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song for “New Slaves”], and think he wouldn’t notice the back handed compliment.

According to West: “People come to me and congratulate me on those two nominations! F—k those nominations!”


We at Other Side of the Fame not only have a policy (for our near future contributors): “Say what you want, but spell their name right,” and as well, we do what we can to not read between the lines (and especially not put any words in anyone’s mouth) but sometimes you just can’t help [but read between the lines] ya know?

But from the looks of things and this backhanded compliment at the back door, the U.S Recording Academy is about to pull back a nub with this recent Kanye snub (“giving” him a nod for an already all-black category: Best Rap Song” + a song titled: “New Slaves.”]

Kanye says: “Y’all aint slick.”

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