Turn Down For What? AMANDA BYNES Says”No!” To the “O” and “Yield” To PHIL-No Deal, Let Me Heal!


Fresh out of the rehab/treatment facility, Amanda Bynes is looking like fresh meat to television show producers who want to hear her story.

If you all remember, the “What I Like About You,” child star became the center of Twittention when what at first seemed like just another curious case of attention whore-dom-spiraled out of control with her cryptic antics, @’ing other celebrities and tweets about various other celebrities, pop tarts [and other people in her head that we didn’t know] began to be the talk of social media.

Well, after some time, even the biggest Twittention whores turn their chill down, but Amanda’s seemed to only be turned down whenever she wasn’t logged on.

The Twitterverse can be a sesspool of shame, fame, game, lames, trains, something to gains, (David) Blaine’s, pains, and multi-cultural and social gangs-right at your hands and pocket’s convenience, so you’re bound to see and hear almost anything about anyone at any time of the day.

Amanda Bynes’ antics were being talked about and observed so much so that eventually, these antics of hers began to look more like signs of a mental breakdown when she began taking pictures of herself in wild clothes, makeup, wigs and having wild binges of shopping sprees and countless other manic-like behavioral symptoms classic of someone who’s manic depressive on a high manic phase that could only be tamed by hospitalization-not Twitterization.

The most memorable last straw that officially got the attention of someone(s) who obviously began to take these antics more serious than for the entertainment it had been [across the Twitterverse] was when she set her neighbor’s driveway on fire and it was caught on tape.

After that incident, someone(s) stepped right in and began to take Amanda more seriously than the Twitterverse never would have.

She then was admitted to a treatment facility where she time getting well.

Now, fresh out of the facility, dark short hair, and looking normal again; Amanda is back home with her parents but with the media eyes and inquiring minds all on her.

images (7)   According to reports, the likes of Oprah and Dr. Phil are right at her door with offers to be interviewed by them both.

Unlike Lyndsey Lohan, Amanda declined the offer to be interviewed by the media giants, as, her parents would like for her to concentrate on getting well for now.

If you recall, this is the second major superstar who declined the hospitality and comfort of the big O’s couch to satisfy the curiosities of the world’s inquiring minds. Lauryn Hill-recently released from jail for tax evasion and ironically, who too, is inundated with rumors of possibly having a mental illness of some sort willingly and rebelliously bounced out of the spotlight; has quite a story that the world is waiting to hear from and too, declined to sell it and tell it to Oprah at this time.

#Stay tuned to Other Side of the Fame. Should these ladies change their minds, we will be the first to let you know.

Eye Spied via US Weekly

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