NICKI MINAJ: This Week’s Award Winner of ‘The Most Savage Shade Thrown’ By The Papz & Ex

Y’all love sending shade stories…

*Deep sigh
*blows bangs


Ok. I got a lil’ time on my hands so here goes.

Lauryn Hill rapped it best TAKE HEED my lickle pretties:

Just as Christ was a superstar, you stupid star
They’ll hail you then they’ll nail you, no matter who you are
They’ll make you now then take you down
And make you face it, if you slit the bag open
and put your pinky in it, then taste it


Let Tweets and the streets have it, Nicki Minaj‘s fire is certainly ‘lit’………another kinda way.

As if she needed any more shade thrown, shine stolen, spotlight dimming (or ignoring),  ex boyfriend and (alleged?) co writer of some of her hottest songs stepped up and shaded her without question.


Call it the Miley effect (perhaps?) (1:30)

…’cause if Miley never got “what’s good,” Nicki certainly found out what’s bad at this week’s NYFW as per the streets, these upcoming video clips and (courtesy of some fair-weather fans) a couple of .gifs of Nicki looking unusually subdued and ‘humbled’ than the “Nicki Minaj” we’ve all come to know:WasNickiIgnored

Reportedly, the papz of the fashion world gave the head Barb in charge the peasant cold shoulder while at NYFW.

(as reported by The Daily Beast):

Nicki NYFW2015

Around 9:15 Saturday night, outside a dark warehouse where designer Alexander Wang presented his 10th anniversary collection, Nicki Minaj emerged inconspicuously from her limousine.

She stood alone, unnoticed, and unsure of her next move—where were the cameras?—until a single bulb flashed from behind.

“Come around to this side!” she screamed at the lens, pointing out in front of her: she’d give him one shot, and was evidently prepared to make a scene for it to be the best head-to-toe picture taken that night.

Lady Gaga was blinded by flashes the second she stepped out of her car in a pair of glittering, precipitously tall platforms.

Minaj slipped away through a side door.

(somewhere around the 00:48 mark):



…(and here, somewhere around the

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