After Month Long Feud With “Baby Mama” Tia, RICK ROSS Proposed To Short-Time Girlfriend + How This Having Come Full Circle Means 50 CENT Officially Lost He & RICKS War

NOTE: When I say “baby mama” in this story (who too, is a subject in this story), note that YES, I am talking about THIS “baby-mama…”

…the one who just shipped and sides with 50 Cent that one time. (Click here for all-a-dat).

At any rate.

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September’s been a (literally) bitter and sweet month in the life of rapper Rick Ross who set things off pretty bad earlier in the month with his “baby-mama” Tia who had a conniption fit when Ross’ girlfriend (Houston stripper “Lira Galore”) posted a pic of Rick with a tattoo of her name on his arm and a necklace he bought for her. This, all in lieu of Kemp having petitioned the courts to raise her child support to a whopping $20k per month and stating Ross abruptly stopped paying for their 10 year old son’s private school and karate classes and such…and things.

Despite Ross flaunting girlfriend Galore around the social media and its wags the baby mother insists that she and Rick slept together as recently as July and have been [sleeping together] over the past few years and to, referred to Ross’ girlfriend as a “seasonal prostitute” whose name he won’t even remember in a few months.

Well obviously Ross is working to make sure that doesn’t happen, as Ross gave all social media wags (and interested parties living vicariously through these types)-a breath and kiss of life:

This time Galore (who’s also been linked to Ross’ friends rapper Drake, Diddy, Justin Bieber and others in this social media superstar circle) posted a video of her resting her hand on Ross’ hand where she was newly banded with a new engagement ring.

This, all after an Instagram rampage the baby’s mother went on a little over a week ago where like a thief in the night, the ex parole officer turned rapper repossessed the BMW B7 luxury sedan Ross provided Kemp to tote their two kids around in.

That prompted the babies mom to resort to “baby-mama” behavior: tagging our TerMiteZ friends and the hoodbooger likes, Ross’ rapper and ball player chums and acquaintances Jay-Z, Lebron, French Montana, and Diddy—trying to convince them to convince Rick to give her vehicle back because it was the only means of transportation used to get their children back and forth to school and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Rick Ross’ OTHER “baby mama” ‘s [what…$7 million] check from 50 Cent’s been deposited by now and I’m SURE she’s somewhere TOTALLY unbothered by all of this foolishness and having to worrying about when or IF her next “baby daddy” check is coming in now that he’s got some Instagram flossing to do now, more than ever.

In that regard, turns out, Rick‘s arch enemy 50 Cent ended up setting one of Rick baby’s mother straight after all–taking ONE load off his back. 50 lost that war between he and Rick in the end, mane. No wonder Rick is celebrating. I aint stupid.

At any rate.

After all this officially went viral,  Tia Kemp’s shut her IG down this afternoon but had this to say:

Tia strikes2

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