No Scrubs: The Ladies of THE VIEW Get Advertising Wiped Away After Making Jokes About MISS AMERICA Pageant Contestant’s Nurse Uniform For ‘Talent Competition’ Segment

The-ViewIf you know me (with regard to people and the world) I believe in letting it all hang out-regardless. I wanna know your truth.

Ever since Nike stuck it out with Tiger through his “trangressions” after his multi-person cheating scandal, I found it necessary that with as large a brand as Nike is, if they could stick it out with a guy having stuck it out in ways like such, if your advertiser pulled out on you for anything less—perhaps they just were not that into you.

Unfortunately the penalty for early withdrawal is non existent when an advertiser pulls out on a brand or business for advertising its product, business, or service on or during their business–hours (in this case).

The same isn’t true for the business/brand (or show) having said or done anything the advertiser deems [to be] a reflection on their brand. But who cares when you’re sitting at the round table of The View and outspoken funny lady Joy Behar is back on set surrounded by other opinionated and outspoken dames where time has tested-things can get pretty intense and an untamed.

Although a cracked egg (from my favorite carton of eggs by the way) won’t stop no show or the effect of withdrawing their advertising from The View’ll still leave the ladies unscathed with things still running smooth as a baby’s butt, Johnson & Johnson and Eggland’s best pulled advertising from behind the ABC after some statements made regarding a particular segment of The Miss America pageant this past Sunday where (during the ‘talent’ segment of the show) Miss Colorado contestant

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