NICKI MINAJ Dropped…It Like It’s Hot Last Night: ‘Anaconda’ Was Unleashed


NICK ANACONDA OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME Soooooo the moment we’ve all been waiting for arrived…in the middle of the night, right?

NICK ANACONDA OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME 3Unless you live under a rock, then you know that Nicki Minaj dropped…it like it’s hot…sometime last night around…twelve o’clock.

This past December, the mold was already been broken for 12 o’clock drops when Beyonce rolled down her partition and dropped an entire album with no advertising, plugs [or singles released].

Nicki, on the other hand (via her album art for the single “Anaconda”) just came on out and broke the mold via combing the new, with a little bit of the old (her single’s sample inspired by Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 hit: “Baby Got Back”).







The finished product (of what’s been the talk of the entire month) is now here with some pretty impressive moves, and Nicki’s video trademark: bright, attractive color scheme-complete with hot dancers doing nothing less that keeping with the theme of the lyrics, and the song.

In keeping in line with the theme of things, aDRAKE NICKI MINAJ ANACONDA_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEs well, Nicki double-taps her label mate and close personal friend, rapper: Drake to make a cameo with him being not so far from his persona’s element as well: Lap dances-which Nicki slithered and delivered.

NICKI MINAJ ANACONDA VID_OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEThis colorfully attractive video would have been even more hot if at the end, they would have had Drake morph into [an anaconda] snake while Nicki lapped him-and then had the anaconda wrapping itself around her buns hun!

What da’ya think?

See it for yourself.

Enjoy !







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