BEYONCE Getting “Conscious Uncoupling” Advice From BFF GWYNETH


According to our sources, shit does go down when there’s a billion dollars on an elevator because the rumor has it that “Billion Dollars on an Elevator” will have reached ground level this fall-at final completion of their On The Run tour.

GWYNETH AND BEYONCE Photo Credit Kevin Mazur _Getty Images OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEOther Side of the Fame reported to you in a couple weeks ago that when Beyonce did her two Los Angeles area tour dates, she stopped by her chum Gwyneth Paltrow’s home.

Although [even then] we joked that she was there most probably getting some pointers on “consciously uncoupling,” we are hearing that’s exactly what she was doing.

Jay Z and Beyonce OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEAn “insider” already put our source on notice. The bait and switch-then public snuggle itinerary has already be written. It’s being said that after the big announcement (dropping this coming fall) Beyonce and Jay Z [quote] “will be spotted together [and that]-the two will be all lovey-dovey” [unquote].

10584705_340450572779034_1380400205_nDespite their seemingly on-stage Ike and Tina-like chemistry and countless photos of the couple performing (looking as if a split between the two has to be the farthest thing from the truth);

10518272_354193191394717_421735577_nthe fact of the matter is-since May this year, the doors of “Billion Dollars on an Elevator” have been closed to one another [off-stage].

You gotta admit, Beyonce does a convincing job of painting perfect picture of everything being everything and scurrying along just fine throughout her social media photos-nothing short of words in pictures demonstrative of the cheerleading, doting wife who is still “Drunk in Love,” (to the untrained eye).


While in between this pixilated bliss, in many of the pictures, Beyonce oooooooooozes loneliness to the point of looking like a stow-away: blank-faced and like she could use a friend right now…

brad-falchuk-gwyneth-paltrowIf anybody knows how to properly “consciously uncouple” in front of the media is her friend Gwyneth, 41, (who since “uncoupling” just this past March), came out with her new boyfriend Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk, 43.

Although the couple met on the set of Glee in 2010 when she first started appearing on the show (and married at the time); sources close to the situation vehemently deny there was anything beyond a professional relationship between Gwyneth and Falchuk.

Christ Martin and Jennifer Lawrence OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMENot to be outdone by Gwyneth’s news of a new boo, the very next day (August 18), it was announced that the other half of the “conscious [un]couple”: Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, was dating actress Jennifer Lawrence and that the two have been dating since June.

gwyneth-paltrow ice bucket challenge OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEBe that as it may, just yesterday (August 20) dressed in a black bikini, that didn’t stop Gwyneth from nominating her uncoupled ex for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Yeah…she’s got some tricks up her sleeve that she can teach Beyonce-about this “conscious uncoupling” doesn’t she?

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