{Changing the Game} Can’t Get No More Free Randy: Are BEYONCE & BRUNO MARS To Blame For The NFL Wanting SUPER BOWL HALF TIME Performers Pay To Play?


You wanna talk about “changing the game.”

Save your ego-talk. Sit back and take notes already.

Super-Bowl-Halftime-Show OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME0So everyone knows by now, that Super Bowl Half Time in conjunction with the awesome commercials we all look forward to [is-for probably half of Nielson’s American public], theeeee most exciting part of the Super Bowl.

It just can’t be denied.

Super Bowl XXXVIII: Halftime ShowSure, we could easily say that Janet (inadvertently) changed the Super Bowl Half-Time show game in that (because of her debacle) to date-all of television and radio now has to suffer the 3-sec delay over an incident that, if you blinked; you missed anyways.

The thing about that memorable 2004 day is that the most we had for social media interaction were messages board postings and a Yahoo or MSN Chat room. Back then, we still had to rely a lot on television and radio to filter whatever they wished, to the masses.

Super-Bowl-Halftime-Show OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME2Since then, real-time social media platforms have been birthed and because of that, whoever is lucky enough to snag a spot on the America’s stage on that February night will have certainly increased their popularity and income. The social media numbers and hashtag counts (of whatever is trending) as reported the next day, are astronomical [if I do say so myself].

Bridgestone Super Bowl XLVI Halftime ShowThat being the case, NFL big wigs decided it’s time to pay the pipe…………..liners…for being the gateway to the performing artist’s increase in popularity and income.

According to the source of this write up-Rolling Stone magazine-The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the NFL has asked Katy Perry, Rihanna, and ColdPlay to perform at Super Bowl Half-Time 2015—provide they are willing to pay the league to secure the spot on the world’s stage that night.

Although met with [quote] “a chilly reception from the candidate’s reps” [unquote], the NFL boldly went where no televised outlet has gone before by asking these prospective artists if in exchange for their anty-upped tour earnings afterwords…as a result of headlining on Super Bowl night, lol [that]–they fork over a portion of their post-Super Bowl tour earnings or……….simply cut a check to the NFL for so graciously allowing the artist to interrupt their regular scheduled programming.

Down to Duckets and Brass Taxes:

For the record, other than paying for accommodations like travel and production expenses (which, reportedly can be somewhere around the million-dollar mark); the NFL doesn’t typically pay the performers to play.

But in coming years, it’s looking like if these musical heavy hitters/players gon’ play-the players gon’ pay……like they weigh.

Let’s compare Super Bowl Night to the music industry.

An artist’s biggest money-maker is touring (not just album sales).

By contrast, the NFL’s biggest money-maker is Super Bowl night (when advertisers are paying top-dollar for a commercial slot; not just teams playing Monday nights during the season).

With the millions upon millions on social sites like Twitter, Facebook etc., posting in real-time; the lucky artists who perform that night are getting the circulating buzz equal to the value of a Super Bowl commercial–for FREE). It is by way of the Super Bowl Half-Time show that this buzz is created. So just like the Super Bowl makes Budweiser beer, Go-Daddy etc. pay for 2 mins slots in commercial advertising (and as a result-getting free social media buzz circulating); the NFL got smart and decided to change the game with artist’s performing at half-time.


“Said I’d like to know where…you got the notion?”

What heavy-hitters rocked the boat that gave way to this bright idea?

(point ’em out-point ’em out):


Bruno Mars Unless you live under a rock, weighing in at 115.3 million viewers last year, Bruno Mars was so super bad-a$$ at Super Bowl Half-Time night that he rocked our socks off [with what ending up looking like]: his “special guests”: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

BRUNO AND CHILL PEPPERS OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEOf course the Chilli Peppers rocked out too, but Bruno commanded that stage that night something fierce! And guess what:

*raises left brow*

…he was scheduled to go on the road shortly thereafter-tickets went on sale for his “Moonshine Jungle” tour the Monday after his stellar performance on the stage at the Super Bowl.

*Joker’s grin*

(point ’em out-point ’em out):

beyonce-mrs-carter-show-world-tour-pepsi-ad OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME Beyonce, who the year before ‘The Bruno Mars Super-Bowl Half-Time Show,’  announced her “Mrs. Carter” tour after her LITERALLY EXPLOSIVE 112.2 million viewer Super Bowl Half-Time set.


Subsequently, she went back out on the road with hubby Jay Z [for their] “On The Run” tour, that just recently ended early this month. Reportedly, that tour ranked in almost $100 million for husband and wife “Billion Dollars on an Elevator.

From the looks of things, the league is aware that Katy Perry, Rihanna (who’s currently on her “Monster” tour with Eminem) and Coldplay have been grossing millions touring-for years. Perhaps, in addition to their already big fan bases, that was why they were being tapped to possibly perform at the shin-dig next year.

Because [quote] “the league’s contracts with artists are confidential” [unquote] according to the NFL spokesperson Joanna Hunter, so far, no decisions have been made about the: Who, and What……..but we do know When (and two other things):

  1. Super Bowl XLIX will take place outside of Phoenix on February 1st, 2015.


  1. After researching this story and writing it up, our guy Weird Al Yankovic [who I just wrote up a story about a petition going around to have him perform at Super Bowl Half Time]. According to these new findings, he’s probably gonna have to hang a left. This might be out of Weird Al’s…league (no punt intended).
  2. Despite our now being in the know about what they are proposing…although the [quote] “the league’s contracts with artists are confidential” [unquote] if these artists perform Super Bowl night……..aren’t we kinda-sorta gonna know they paid to be there? Isn’t that the equivalent of buying Twitter followers?


It’s a little bit like this:

If someone feels the need to actually pay for followers simply to flaunt a number for show and aren’t selling a product or service or taking care of any business, then there’s a deeper (personal) issue that, because of–he/she just may be that desperate to front and solicit attention for tweet reads. It could be therapeutic for making up for loss time and inattention in the past, perhaps. To each-his own.

No, no judgment, BUT:

People laugh and try and shun and shame the many who do it [buy followers], but in the nature of business and digital media…it merely shows their ignorance to the extent that they don’t know “business.” Because for someone who does have a product or service (or “brand”), buying Twitter followers is really business no different than buying virtual direct mail adver-marketing [for any product, business, or service]-somewhere in this cyclical process of buying followers (that may ascend and descend)-you will hit your targets at some point (whether the follow continues or not-via or word of mouth. Dominoes only begin with 1.


The return on the artist’s “investment” after one night (slash) 15 minutes of performing a Superbowl Half-Time set is probably 10-fold over the cost of…….buying Super Bowl Half-Time followers…………. ……viewers.  And that, my dearests, is:


No shame in that game.


Any questions?” -Beyonce

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