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images (50) You’d have to know and love all genre’s and era’s to appreciate this next artist’s great music, but you certainly know who she is when you see or hear her:

download (22)Annie Lennox of the Eurythmics.

download (21)Well-known for her sexy-androgyny


…soulful harmony:


images (48)

eclectic sound, and lyrical microscopy (that I swear by the start-in/chorus of this song; transcends time and will forever be life’s motto x the TRUTH about life until the END of time). Who am I (or you) to disagree?:


images (46)…and whose orchestra rides a melody with the emotion of the pouring rain itself:

…is dropping new music: her very own rendition of a rock-soul-blues classic we’ve seen in the movie classic A Rage in Harlem…performed by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins (who probably scared us all when saw the movie).

images (49)

There are just some artists who you cannot duplicate, no matter how great your sound, and only somebody with a voice and Annie Lennox can could dare tackle such a feat.

This week, Lennox dropped “I Put a Spell On You” from her upcoming album Nostalgia.

Pop-soul music singer Annie Lennox’s Nostalgia is just that: Nostalgia-done her way, covering Hoagy Carmicheals’ Memphis in June, [the song that made the late Billie Holliday famous] Strange Fruit, and (Broadway’s)Porgy and Bess’ Summertime.


Worldwide/Internationally, the full album is due out October 27th (October 21 in the U.S).

So spark up YOUR Nostalgia! Pre-order your copy here.

Enjoy the trailer and single! (Don’t say I aint never learn’cha nothin’) 🙂

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