Bzzzzzz….Queen BEY Stings Another Queen B: The Legendary BARBARA STREISAND




images (51)Nope, this aint from our {Buzz} category of stories rumored to be true (or maybe not), this one here is the truth! It’s just that “Bzzzzzzzzzz” was meant for you to sound out the stinging “bee” sound because sources say that Queen Bey sorta stung queen “B” …who is that you ask?

Well, she’s only the only artist in the world who’s won (count ‘em down–you know how you world American pop culture lovers are award and list-obsessed)…Grab ya’ pens.

She’s only one of a few artists/singers in the world who’s won:

  • an Emmy
  • a Grammy
  • an Oscar


  • a Tony

download (24)…and while Beyonce may have very well ingratiated herself to your highness (Barbara Streisand) for the 2008 Kennedy Center Honors ball–by singing a tribute of [Streisand]’s song: The Way We Were;

…and too, double-tapped some of music’s well-known’s to croon a tune with, this time around (six years later) Queen Bey just hasn’t got the time for legendary What Kind of Fool songstress (and Jennifer Aniston look-alike).

Singer Beyonce performs at the Rock in Rio Music Festival in Rio de JaneiroSee what-had-happened was…(produced by the one and only Babyface with duets featuring the legendary Billy Joel, my guys Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, and John Legend), Streisand was preparing to drop an album of duets-hoping to include some with some ladies too, but low and behold; they all were too busy!

Everyone we asked was…busy,” Streisand said.

download (23) *throws hand* Oh Babs, those catty b!tches…

At any rate.

babs and beyAs far as what happened with Queen Bey, queen “B” said this:

She had her people try to do a track of one of the songs from my movie, ‘A Star is Born,’ and it just…we didn’t have the time to finish it…to get it right,” she said.

We had to [go on and] release the album. Maybe someday we’ll do a duet because she’s so great.”


Streisand is “so great” too, and if you follow me, you’ve heard be speak about two of my favvvvvvvvves (that I had a good-ole time singing to while typing up this music write-up). I mean…you shoulda saw me…I was JAMMIN’ okay?

At any rate. Beyonce’s got nothing to be guilty of. Were sure Babs and Bey will make this up to one another.

Music is timeless. As are they, in their own right.

In the meantime, enjoy my Barbara Streisand faves (featuring Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees):


Don’t say  iy’aint never expanded your music era & genre horizons.

I love to share 🙂

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