Happy: Singer K. MICHELLE Meets Her Idol MARY J. BLIGE


I just met my idol Mary J Blige. I cried like a baby. You will never understand how special this moment was for me

K Michelle and Mary


THIS was a beautiful sight to see.

Singer: K. Michelle met her idol: Queen of Hip Hop and R&B Mary J. Blige.

images (36)images (37)It can’t be denied that singers Mary J. Blige and Alanis Morissette came in the game with that certain something that you have to savor-like a sampling a delicacy at a food or wine tasting that upon pressing play, and sitting back and rewind; songs from their most classic albums (Mary: What’s the 411 & My Life and Alanis: Jagged Little Pill) were so good that they can really drop the mic-they basically don’t have

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to do anything else yet and still, they get better with time.  Any starlet in pop and R&B dame that came after Alanis and Mary that dare not admit they were inspired by them would be lying.

images (44)Not K. Michelle though.

Coming into the game, she has always expressed her love and admiring for Mary J. Blige and too, has paid homage to some of her songs during a few of her sets while out on the road.


Mary J changed my entire life as an artist. I learned to sing through the pain. This is one of the biggest moments of my career. Wow, I’m in shock.

Mary and K MichelleWell two roads have finally met at the fork and bon appetite! K. Michelle got to taste her delicacy: Mary J. Blige.

If anybody knows the feeling it’s me. Be much obliged to listen to my lil’ Mary story:

I can remember my young, wild, impressionable, and awe-inspired days; Mary was our girl. THE girl. When we would go out, we all wanted some part of our attire to have silver in it, or we had to have some jacket or outfit on that was “Mary J. Blige-ish.” It was just “the style” then.

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You see, during the height of Mary’s career, she was coming to our town (maybe an hour or so away) but for Mary-to me-an hour away wasn’t too far.

Long story short, my bestie (who sews), made me the cutest “Mary J. Blige-ish” outfit to wear with my black, tight, leather pants, fitted, black spandex bodice shirt, and my lil’ silver purse and jacket (that while finishing up-although I was cute and “happy”)-running close into time [for us to be hitting the road to see my first Mary concert].

Needless to say, I knew we were running late but my heart was scared to look at the time, we just swooped up my brother and his friend and headed down the road-I didn’t even want to look at the time, I just wanted be happy to see Mary just sing: “Happy” (and I would’ve been satisfied).

You couldn’t imagine how much I played that moment out in my mind. I needed to see it LIVE. Those notes at  the beginning of “Happy…” they just scream: “Mary” her signature-her walkout

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