The Fit ‘Bit’: BRIAN SLOAN In Search Of…The Perfect Vagina – Here’s What Happened


Think you got yourself an anatomically perfect fit ‘bit’? Well if you (think) you do, spread’em and let Brian Sloan be the judge of that. If all checks out, you could be the winner of a  $5000, $2500, or $1250 cash prize—for being a good sport and use of your lady parts to be manipulated and molded for men you may never in life meet.

So what constitutes the perfectly anatomically built vagina —by which a mold could be made to sell to men for those private, lonely nights at home (or while having to sleep on the couch)?

That would be kinda like asking what the perfectly built penis is, which (to varying women), the girth, length, or angle is specific to the…beholder.  The bottom line however is that they (men and dildos) all come in various sizes, and some (dildos) can bend or stand at any angle you desire.


Like Doc Johnson dildos, Brian Sloan has made quite the name for himself in the sex toy industry and becoming widely known for his over the top marketing strategies and certainly dropped jowls when he held the world’s first Vaginal Beauty Contest. Save the crowns and the long, sparkly dresses, string bikini’s and artistic, professional or creative ‘talent’ necessary for competing in traditional beauty contests. As per Brian, alls you need is being [quote] face down, a$$ up [end quote] and too, sit at the edge of the bed some’n like’kiss ….(remark in your mind, a fully clothed man with a camera in his hand striking the pose–you’ll soon see what I’m talking about).

Well don’t be shy, would be Brian’s only advice as, just like a gynecologist has us open sesame to do his business below, Brian considers what he’s doing no different than that.

Initially, at first thought, this all seemed a bit sexist and inappropriate but regardless your outwardly/public persona, everybody likes what they like in private and well, masturbation and tools for it (and sex play) is big business and only taboo in that, we don’t really ‘talk’ about it per se’…we just…do it ya know?

Thinking back in 2010/2011 when I first I first wrote my book Doing It: Mind-Blowing Sex Tips You Will Never Forget (The Fine Art of Intimate Sex)  Tip 1-Toys, I have to agree with Brian that in order to manufacture or produce a product (be it a book or a toy), some gritty research and unconventional happenings have to happen (in order to be able to back up your product or what you say).

Pun intended.


I can remember (myself) when (in my book) I wrote the chapter on masturbation. While I was quite familiar with various masturbation techniques, I have to admit, there were some positions and techniques I had only played out in my head (and wouldn’t be caught in my own mirror home alone doing it myself) yet, in order for me to be truthful in telling (my readers about various positions/techniques), you’re damned right-the back suction cup of the dildo’s testicle end got stuck right smack dead on the wall of my bedroom wall and I ‘backed that thang up’ right into it and got it poppin’. I had too. And I mean it stuck to that wall as if that wall was a real, hard body male with a penis sticking out of it!


Considering I was home alone and how vulnerable I felt-my unexpected responses totally different than in my normal relaxed, on my back position was literally remarkable. Having doing such an unusual masturbation technique (that I had only entertained the thought of-and being not such a fan of insertion over clitoral stimulation tools for masturbation), I had to tell my friend. We laughed so hard but boy was it awesome. I have to admit. Having done such a thing with a partner watching, instructing, demanding, and dirty talking would have been quite the turn on (for both of us-the unusual act). But the fact of the matter is, I (for research and rightfully being the “authority” over what I authored) was all alone, so I let myself go with the flow and allowed the thought of my partner being there-to enter the moment with me.wall-FB56465204d50ba

Being in control of exactly how I took (my own thrusts) and from that position, having a downward , left curvature that typically sets me off (and that I too-alone-was in control of positioning) was a mixture of all kinds of hydraulic sexual pleasure for my mind, my body, my vagina (and the passage for my book).



However, I was quite embarrassed but I wrote the passage in the book and stayed true to my advice as the author. It was the only way. I don’t lie about or write about what I do (or don’t) recommend. And in order for me to commend it, I have to commix to doing it. And well, that’s what I did.
So I totally understand Brian Sloan as, as being an artist who too, sculpts clay; I’ve had many a pieces hit the kiln from pictures in my mind. I mean…that’s the nature of art: It’s abstract “fair-game.” Whether sculpting or drawing (sometimes) we have a model and other times we don’t. You have to create from your imagination/mind.

However, if you are going to sell [such an intimate product] for men or women, it is best that you mold the “art” from an actual model (for best “results”).

And that’s exactly what Brian Sloan did.vagina

However, the original Don-Dada of molding sex toys is, and always will be Doc Johnson-make no mistake about it. Doc Johnson’s been out doing this thing when many of us were just twinkles in our parent’s eyes.

That being the case, Sloan stepped his (marketing) game up and went out crotch hunting.

As  a maker if the “Auto Blow” (suction tool for men), Brian thought it’d be good he try a vulva version for men (for those times his male customers would like to try another side of the shiny mouthed, pulsating, plastic dame).

Brian narrowed down his search and ended up in Berlin and this is what/how it all happened:




h/t Maxim/Elite Daily

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