Mystery Person Pays JOE JACKSON’s Tax Debt

Well can’t say his baby girl had anything to do with it-his tax problems was 10 years her senior way back when and such that she even wrote a song about it when “she got-her own-life…She wanna make her own decisions when-it-has to do with her life…her, her life..She wanted to be the one in control.”

*sounds off the Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis beat*

Ok. At any rate.

th (6) th (8) When control was taken from him, life (and business) certainly must’ve gone on for papa Joe Jackson who, since then ten years later (1996) had been racking up hefty tax debt: invoices totaling over $70,000 from California tax officials. It is being reported that the ten year old debts have finally been made good on and paid in full late February 2014.

th (1)  According to TMZ, the patriarch didn’t even have to open his checkbook because some mystery person opened their heart instead and covered the full 70k State of California debt for him.

th (5) Oh hush. I know you’re thinking with all the recent reports in the news regarding an alleged mystery son of Michael Jackson’s having come to (public) surface, and with the value of his estate information having recently been made public, somehow, Joe Jackson must’ve have gotten his hands on some of that cash.

   th (11) Don’t think too fast, because according to reports, Michael Jackson had an iron-clad will (established in 2002) which was set up such that no one in the WORLD except for Prince, Paris, and Blanket could not lay hands on those roots.

th (13) According to his will, the only person’s, places, and entities privy to that cash and those assets are those three children when they are of age (which by the way Paris-I believe-is first out the gate on that one in just a matter of months). But outside of that, those three, some charities + his mom (not dad) will be supported during their entire lifetime. Period. Dot.

In the will, he wrote (explicitly): “Except as otherwise provided in this Will or in the Trust … I have intentionally omitted to provide for my heirs.”

th (12) So, in Layman terms, under the law (and that statement) Michael Jackson reserved the right to disinherit anyone he wanted (even his own kids), but he did make provisions for Prince, Blanket, Paris, and mother Katherine Jackson.

Under the law, even in somewhere else were to be able to prove sired by the singer, they’d just have to hang out on Instagram joining that freak show circus, and carousel of people doing whatever they can for their 15 minutes of fame. But, although having no such rights under California State Law to Michael’s estate, at least such person would have bragging rights-right?

th (10) Having explained all that, so if you think Joe Jackson got his hands on that estates cash-think again. Those closest he can come to that is his hands on Blanket’s, Prince’s [or soon to be of age-Paris’-heart if anything].

Source: MSNMusic and TMZ

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