KIM KARDASHIAN, Gemini KANYE, Their Gemini Wedding Date & Pre-nupt

Ok. So let’s get something straight.

If you follow me/my work, you know that I say with all astro-spiritual confidence that nothing is ever “straight” or in a “straight line” with anything associated with Gemini:

  • a Gemini


  • when the sun is in Gemini.


No sir. It’s “planetarily” universally, kimpossible-I mean, impossible, yo.

Let me break it down to you in short-but feel free to click here (Gemini-Chapter 3) to read in my book-about planet Mercury (associated with constellation: Gemini) so that you can further understand.

th (14) If you know of me, when I refer to Kanye sometimes, I joke about his Gemini “ways,” and when I say Gemini “ways” understand that astrologically, as per “Gemini,” everything is best taken in “short trips” because they say one thing but tend to do another (and vice versa). So, taking “short trips” with a Gemini or during the time the sun is in Gemini-between May 22-June 21-it’s a “proceed with caution” kind of time because universally (and astro-planetarily speaking), Mercury is associated with “frequencies”: radio, conversation, telecommunication and all things involving communication, miscommunication, double-talk, over-talk, cross-communication (or lack thereof).

As per astrology, Gemini (not necessarily “Kanye” who just so happens to be “Gemini”), astrologically speaking Gemini (who’s dual-natured in thought, deed, and action), is the sign and moment in time where anything important, necessary, dire, or contractual is an “iffy” (person) or moment in time (as the planetary/spiritual gods would have it). And for me-you’ve probably read me say-from May 22 to June 21: I don’t sign sh!t, listen to much sh!t with a solid ear and wide open heart, or do anything contractual or hopefully long-lasting during sun in Gemini (if I can avoid it). I don’t even trust what I say during that time in the universe (sun in constellation Gemini)-because in the areas of communication during that moment in the universe’s time-it’s destined to be a communication problem.

th (20) Ever heard of Mercury in Retrograde-that time in the universe where it is believed that strange things happen in, and around us involving some type of communication (miscommunication)-wires having been crossed? Well, Mercury is “Gemini.”

 th (15)       Having explained all that, if you remember, it was just last year-October-when (at first) Kim and Kanye had reportedly agreed that (rather than a prenup) they would keep all their assets separately by drawing up one to the tune of just that, before they tie the knot. According to multiple sources, Kimye wanted to remain committed to the marriage and were NOT going to sign a prenup for fear of being jinxed-worrying that the marriage would fall apart [as a result of it].

th (16) Kim (having a late father who-while living, was an attorney) did instill in her the importance of contracts—especially where money is concerned however, back then (in October 2013 when it was being reported that Kimye would not be drawing up a prenup), should an unforeseen split occur, the two were okay and in agreement that each would leave with what each came with:

Kim-an estimated wealth of $40 million

Kanye-an estimated wealth of $100 million

Kanye sang it best: “If you aint no punk Holla: “We want Prenup, We Want Pre-nup, yeah.”

th (21) Well, it’s March 2014 now, and reportedly with that May 24th (Gemini-time) Paris, France wedding coming soon than later; communication regarding prenup has done a Gemini-switched up communication and the details of their prenup has surfaced.

th (18)  A source reported that once married, along with Kim being the beneficiary of Kanye’s $20 million dollar life insurance policies, she will also acquire/is entitled to $1million dollars for every year that she is married to him (capped and $10 million).

th (22) Quite the incentive and form of social-emotional security, but sounds like true love to me (on Kanye’s behalf). I mean, all things considered: Kim has been married twice before, to Kanye’s-none. Despite that however, even I (a celeb relationship skeptic) believe that Kim does love Kanye. More importantly-according to the close to Kim-she is indeed head over heels in love with him and is treating this wedding day as her one and only.

th (19) So although the prenupt does exist (like most married couples who marry for “love”-first), they believe their love will last longer than a “short trip.”

Astrologically, universally, socially, emotionally, or otherwise; we do control our own destinies and we at Other Side of the Fame, wish them well in theirs-a long one.

Join us in seconding that emotion why don’t yous.

Source: TMZ and Radar Online

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