B HOWARD Spotted Out with his “Auntie”- Sister LATOYA JACKSON This Past Saturday Night


article-2576875-1C29B4A600000578-540_634x1000  article-2576875-1C126B0900000578-821_634x851 Regardless what you believe about the DNAtest of B Howard being bogus or no.

article-0-1C26B6C700000578-822_634x649 Or whether or not you believe “the kid” (who’s now a man) is not Michael Jackson’s son. Or whether you believe his dad-Patriach Joseph Jackson’s who managed “Love Under New Management” singer Miki Howard (who we DO know for sure, is B Howard’s birth mom)-don’t let the confuse and diffuse technique of “bogus DNA evidence” and the fact that singer Augie Johnson [who since all this-has come forward to allege that he was the biological father of Brandon] fool you; the fact of the matter is B Howard did cultivate a relationship with his “auntie”-(sister): LaToya Jackson, some time before the March madness had gone viral about DNA, M.J., and B.

article-0-1C26B82400000578-205_634x1122As well, B Howard, 31, and “auntie”-(sis) LaToya, 57, were spotted dining out this past Saturday night at Boa Steakhouse.

As Other Side of the Fame noted in the original posting about this fiasco, the Jackson family has long been aware of B Howard, and regardless their being inspired by/admiration of, and for Michael Jackson; do note that no look-alikes, sound alikes, dance alikes, and wanna-be alikes get up in the Jackson clan and compound on admiration or feelings of “connectedness” to Michael Jackson alone-so derive and infer from that point what you wish to…  

At any rate.

article-0-1C27397000000578-155_634x628 Back in December 2013, Brandon shared a picture on Twitter of himself posing next to LaToya on another occasion while together where he posted: “Perfect night…filled with nothing but #love and fun !”

article-0-1C26CD9500000578-179_634x740 While on their evening out, LaToya and B bumped into B’s close friend Corey Feldman who has backed the claims [of B being Michael’s son] since the beginning and was asked (after the DNA test) if he thinks B is Michael’s son, to which he replied: ‘Personally, I do think he is. It felt like Michael was walking into my house again. I’ve never met two people more alike. That said – I’m not a doctor. We’ve really become very close over the last year or two and the thing that struck me no matter what was that he has the spirit of Michael Jackson, he sounds like him, moves like him, he has all the God’s given talent like him.’

Well, coming from a guy who has Jackson (patriarch?) DNA, I could certainly see where B Howard’s eerie similarities would be so striking in resemblance and how befitting and entertaining it would (and is) to believe that Michael’s classic “Billie Jean” was a case of art imitating life and befittingly so-Michael (who wasn’t married), rather than his father, would be the best-suited fall guy (rather than his married father having provided the DNA made possible for B Howard’s existence).  

article-2576875-1C17BC6300000578-133_634x907  As far as Augie Johnson, who was in a long-term relationship with Brandon’s mom: singer Miki Howard, we’re gonna go on and let it be known that he told our source this bit of subjective and circumstantial evidence:

article-2576875-1C17BC1F00000578-571_634x692 ‘I know Brandon’s my son – I was there in the delivery room, I have the pictures of him being born. I got the records, I got everything. Before me, Miki wasn’t with anyone else – she didn’t even know Michael at that time. But you know what – I love my son and he can do whatever he likes. I’m not tripping on this – I want Brandon to have a successful career.’

At any rate.

Here’s ole Brandon with his “Uncle”-(Brothers): Marlon Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Jackie Jackson, and Tito Jackson

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Source: Christine Rendon & TMZ

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