MR. & MRS. SMITH Being Investigated By CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES Regarding Pic of 13 Year-Old Misses SMITH with 20 Year-Old Boy

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The two infamous pictures that went viral a couple weeks ago, showing a 13 year-old Willow Smith laying in the same bed as 20 year-old pubescent potato-chip chested Moises Arias, has now gone County.

jada-at-lax-May8  According to sources, and despite Willow’s mom Jada Pinkett-Smith having spoken publicly about it [and against public scrutiny regarding it], child protection services has stepped in and is now “investigating.”

Although Jada’s take on the picture is that there is nothing sexual about it or the situation, child protection services are [layering up] and going at it on word that the picture was supposed to have been taken during the Coachella Festival weekend.

In addition to the countless assumptions and speculation about what the pictures are emitting from those pixels and what (if anything) happened, child protective services is also taking into account, 13 year-old Willow attending the Coachella event unsupervised/not being accompanied by an adult.

Pictures surfaced across the Internet of Willow and 15 year-old brother Jaden attending the event with Arias along with other underage friends including Kardashian sisters’ Kendall and KylieJennerandJadenSmith   Kylie Jenner who, right after the infamous picture incident, mocked the situation and people’s overreaction by doing their own rendition of a shirtless 15 year-old pubescent potato-chip chested Jaden in the same room with his 16 year-old friend Kylie Jenner.

Sources say that Jada and Will Smith are cooperating with the agency who too, is questioning 20 year-old Moises regarding the situation.


I read recite this dropped gem Scandal-fast:

Oh don’t get your shirts all in a bunch, I’m sure with as modern and liberal as Will and Jada are about conscious parenting and allowing their kids to experience + feel their way through the world to learn about truth and consequences–they were also smart enough to get legal/court-ordered custody of their very own children for times like this when entities even like Child Protective Services (just like most people of the world today), see an opportunity to get their 15 minutes of fame.

*throws hand*

Child…They’ve got this scandal handled, I assure you.


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