Singer RIHANNA and Steve Soboroff Selfie Sellfie’d and Sold for Sixty-Six

Ya see, I had the right idea when I designed the logo for my lil’ “Sellfie” line of apparel, caps, and whatnots.


By way of Rihanna, the true essence of the inspiration of the line was recently personified—no, really, here are the deets.

The “Cake” singer donated $25,000 to the Los Angeles Police Foundation after accidentally smashing a smart phone device that belonged to L.A Police Commission president Steve Soboroff.

While trying to take a selfie of she and Soboroff while at a basketball match, she accidentally dropped and cracked the phone but Soboroff saw an opportunity in the mishap: he asked Rihanna to sign the broken phone and then auctioned it online.

The auction closed at the winning bid being somewhere around the $66,000.00 mark.

The selfie—“Sellfie’d.”

As owner of the first-ever selfie that “sellfied” I should be getting a cut of that too, yo.

I know, right?

Rihanna cell phone


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